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  1. I would try Hands on Equations which is about $30. More textbooks aren't necessarily the answer. Do something fun that makes sense to her and reteaches the material in a different way. Another idea would be to get the Danica McKellar books. She's the author of "Math Doesn't Suck" that's geared to girls. I believe the Algebra one is called "Hot X". Good luck! P.S. Here's a HOE review from my blog. I'm not affiliated with them at all, I'm just a fan: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/math/hands-on-equations-review
  2. Hey All! The blog tour starts tomorrow. Here's the link: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2014/06/21/parenting-the-gifted-blog-tour-2014/ We still have room for more guest posts. If you're interested, please let me know. Thank you to all of the tour participants!
  3. Most unfortunately, MeghanL won't be able to participate this year. Would anyone else like to join the tour? There's still time to sign up.
  4. Great! We've got some interest after all. I think I might push the dates back to June 22-June 28th though, to give us more time. I'll PM interested people with my email, so you can take the organization conversation off the forum space. Who was our incredible logo designer last year? I'm so sorry I can't remember. Also, last year we had the Washington State Coalition of Gifted Education participate. If anyone here has a contact with a similar organization in your state, please reach out to them with an invite.
  5. Would anyone be interested in doing a Parenting the Gifted blog tour this year? Hyperlinks aren't working for me right now, so I apologize for the full links, but here's what they looked like in previous years: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2013/06/13/parenting-the-gifted-blog-tour-2013/ http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2013/07/08/12/parenting-the-gifted-blog-tour-2012/ This year I would host the tour between June 15th-June 21st. This tour would be open to bloggers from any school background--homeschooling, public schooling, private schooling etc. If you're not a blogger and would still like to contribute, you could write a guest post. As always, there would be a special shout-out to TWTM forum for helping us organize.
  6. I'm a public school/Afterschooler, so none of this debate really applies to me, but I've been reading this thread with interest because I know people personally involved with the Hana Grace-Rose Williams case. I looked at all of the links to the Coalition etc., and it's hard to read any of that without having compassion. Could somebody please explain to me (without yelling at me because I'm clueless) why Doug Wilson, Vertias Press, and the Logos people aren't being drawn into any of this? To me as an outsider looking at Fundamentalist Christian Homeschoolers (which I realize that most of the people on this thread are definitely not, right?), the Idaho take on Classical Education is a lot more similar to ATI than it is to the Well Trained Mind. Have any Federalist Vision kids come forward? If so, why do you think not? Also I agree with Crimson Wife that our society should do a better job at making sure all people can recover academically from inadequate educations.
  7. Regarding Pearl, there was a horrible murder in WA recently where a couple adopted a bunch of kids from Ethiopia, and then followed the Pearl philosophy. One of their adopted daughters died in the backyard of exposure and starvation. They were a homeschooling family and the Dad worked at Boeing. Hyperlinks aren't working for me right now but if you Google "Skagit Valley Adopted Girl Murder" you can find the info. :(
  8. Have you tried Hands on Equations yet? My son started that at 6.5. I have some pictures on my blog: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2011/12/17/hands-on-equations-is-amazing (Sorry, hyperlinks aren't working for me at the moment.) The mom from Homeschool Ninjas first told me about HOE and I'm so glad she did.
  9. Lara K had a great answer, and so did others. My only addition, as a former non-Montessori/charter school teacher, is that the first year of ANY charter school can be rough. That would probably be true of any brand-new organization. Plus, (and I say this as a big supporter of charter schools) charter schools often attract a higher percentage of children who had difficultly being successful in traditional environments. This is even more true the first year a charter school opens. In layman's terms, that means the first year a charter school opens it usually has a higher than normal percentage of students with behavior problems.
  10. This is going to sound "out there", but here me out. Have you considered having your son watch "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic"? I just watched a documentary about it on Netflix called "Bronies, the Unexpected fans of something, something, something." Apparently, there is this phenomenon all over the world of young men (who are sometimes socially awkward) really loving "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic", and responding well to the friendship making skills it teaches. It's a big hit with guys with Asperger's and ADHD. So in terms of Afterschooling for Social Emotional Learning, the show might be worth looking into. I also have some other ideas about promoting SEL on my blog: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/category/social-emotional-learning Good luck! SEL is one of the hardest things to teach.
  11. I have ALWAYS wondered that. When I was pregnant I used to wipe down the covers of library books.
  12. Here's a plan from my blog: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/afterschooling-2/afterschooling-plan-for-grades-1-4/ If you're already doing SOTW, Miquon and Singapore, it sounds like you're on the right track!
  13. Okay, so I think I finally figured out how to share links again on Hive. For some reason, it still won't let me hyperlink. But here's the original column I wrote about Blackfish for The Everett Daily Herald. For captive orcas, nightmare is real http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20131229/BLOG5205/71229997
  14. I think they were around $120 each for a year-long subscription.
  15. For the past six months I've really wanted to do more with Afterschooling and science, but it's so darn time consuming thinking of ideas and gathering materials. So last month when the Homeschool Buyers Co-op was having a deal on the Young Scientists Club subscription, I ordered one for my DS8. I also ordered the Magic School Bus subscription for my DD4. We've done three kits so far, and I think they are going to be a good thing for us. (But they are definitely not worth paying full price for.) I'm going to try to blog about them as we go along. Here's what I've got up so far: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2014/01/08/the-young-scientists-club-kit-6/ http://teachingmybabytoread.com/2014/01/07/the-magic-schoo-bus-science-club-human-body-kit/ (Sorry for the long link. Hyperlinks aren't working for me at the moment.) Does anyone else have experience with these kits?
  16. I hear you! I have some ideas on my blog that I learned at the SENG Seattle conference in 2011 that might help: http://teachingmybabytoread.com/gifted-2/tantrum-solutions/
  17. They took so many orcas in the past that the pods haven't fully recovered (especially K pod). In 1976 the state of Washington sued Sea World and made them leave. So ever since 1976 Washington waters have been unofficial orca sanctuaries. After SeaWorld left Washington they moved onto Iceland. What's happening now that's really sad is that Russia wants in on the game. They have captured 9 (I think) whales from the Arctic and have them in holding tanks right now in preparation for creating a big SeaWorld type park. But right now the whales are just sitting there "on the shelf" so to speak. [Okay, what is up with my computer and Hive? I can't hyperlink, and I can't make that last quotation mark look like " instead of ' !]
  18. DragonFaerie, apparently SeaWorld puts a good spin on their so-called "conservation". Really they are to blame for the decimation J,K, and L Pod orcas in Puget Sound (where I live). They also make claims about orcas living longer in captivity than in the wild, which isn't true. This is all of interest to me because two teenagers in my town sponsored a showing of "Blackfish" in our local theater. I happened to go that night, and was so inspired that I wrote about it for my column for our local newspaper. I can't seem to hyperlink at the moment, but if you click on "I Brake for Moms" in my siggy, you'll find it. That night at the theater Howard Garrett from the Orca Network came out to talk to us afterwards and he was really great. (He's from the documentary.) There's another movie I want to see that's about Lolita, the last surviving orca from that big capture who has been living for 40 years in at in tiny tank in Miami Seaquarium.
  19. Has anyone seen this documentary? It's streaming on Netflix right now. I'd say it's for teens on up.
  20. Up here in Washington State many schools are using something called C.I.A. Reading. All of the writing comes from that, and it's very intense. My DS8 will write the same paper for almost three, draft after draft after draft after draft.. The kids and teachers really work hard. I have a blog post of what CIA reading is all about, but I can't get the hyperlink to work. I'd be interested in knowing if other states are using CIA too, but I don't mean to hijack the post!
  21. Here's our DIY Advent wreath. :) Now I'm off to check out the other ideas.
  22. My DS read Harry Potter 7 at age 6. He survived too. But... we talked a lot so that I could help him process the themes of what he was reading.
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