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  1. I wish I would have known about this a couple weeks ago! I just bought DS the ninja air fryer toaster oven combo to go with his indoor grill. This would have been a much better choice. We use our indoor panini maker for steaks and they are delicious. But I don’t need a new countertop filler. Already looking for space to store my bread machine and instant pot😂
  2. I don’t know that I’d call it black tie, but dressed up dark jean outfits have been the go to for lots of parties for the last 5-6 years here. And we are not a fashionable place. Honestly I think it was about 15 years ago when trendy people here started wearing it. I mean no dresses over jeans, but that first look- that’s been here for years.
  3. I do think this could have been announced differently and had a different impact. Something like- In line with workplace safety, all companies with over 100 full time employees will now, under OSHA guidelines, be required to test employees weekly. Fully vaccinated employees will be exempt. The details got lost in the screaming vaccine mandate headline and that’s all a lot of people will read.
  4. I think it will prompt a lot to get vaccinated. I have friends who just got vaccinated to travel to NYC. I am vaccinated, but there is a difference between injecting something inside your body and wearing a hard hat.
  5. Church isn’t important to me, so it’s hard to answer that one. I would consider double masking and sitting away from people if it was really important to me. My parents are in their 80’s snd love to go out to dinner. It’s their most favorite activity, so we have done this with them. Everyone at the table is vaccinated and we try to pick well, but we have done it. I won’t do it otherwise, only with them. I mask in all stores again. I don’t mind masking, it’s easy for me to do and I think it’s helpful to me and everyone else in the store just in case.
  6. Thank you all for you stories and information. I have a lot to learn. as for the writing- typing doesn’t help. It seems like getting thoughts out. It’s a process for sure. And even math or physics which he is strong in- it takes HOURS to do a problem. Lots of what looks to me like zoning off, lots of talking about something else if anyone is around. He always tested as a very strong reader, but hates to read? I don’t know, he’s got a lot of conflicting issues:) I’m going to research the testing psychs to see what they offer. I think a definite diagnosis and some education about what that means is a good place to start for us.
  7. I get it, I’m not trying to come off as not wanting him to get help. But I think it’s ok to do some due diligence before prescribing any meds.
  8. I guess the possibility of abusing meds, dependence, etc. I’m just trying to learn what the options are.
  9. Wow. He does have low processing speed in relation to IQ. 50% processing speed as compared to very high and pretty high scores in other categories. When he was tested at age 10. I don’t know how you got that from my description, but that is the case😀 He’s very audio interested I guess. I’m not sure about an audio processing disorder. I’ve never considered that. He LOVES music of all types. Discriminates types of noise. That’s an interesting combination you got from my description. He does have friends who take adderall on occasion for important tests and I think he sees it as an easy solution to his problems. I want him to succeed, but not jump to medicating if not necessary.
  10. DS 19 has several ADD traits and through self assessment he is looking toward wanting to treat it somehow. I believe he does have some issues and neuropsychology testing when he was very young did point to an issue. He’s also “gifted” and went through a subpar school system, so keeping up in class wasn’t an issue that lead us to treat it. He doesn’t seem to have the hyper part of it. He can sit still, but he is very easily distracted and he says is avoiding hard mental work. I’ll admit, I wonder if it’s because he never had to work hard in school until it was late in the game. Calculus was his first and only challenging class. But English is his worst class. It takes him 20 minutes to write a 3 sentence thank you card. I know NOTHING about diagnosing it or treating it, so any links to good sources are appreciated!
  11. That really is what it is:) I didn’t know that when I originally ordered. But I like the ease of it, and sometimes I do just want a turkey roll up for dinner! So far the pre-made and precooked foods I’ve received have been tasty. The chile lime chicken and lemon pepper half chicken are both good. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily call it a meal Subscription, but when she said easy to cook or heat up, I thought, this is pretty easy.
  12. We’re doing Hungry Root right now. It’s really easy cooking! For example, Last night it was shrimp tostadas. All I had to do was heat the tortillas, sauté the shrimp and warm the bean salad. And it was flavorful! A lot if it is like that- more easy assemble than cook. The variety isn’t that great though. You can also order groceries. They have a decent selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, etc you can add to your order. It’s easy, so I’m keeping it up for awhile. It’s nice to have those decisions made and I’ve never been good at meal prep.
  13. Yes on locale. Moderna was the first available here and the only two breakthrough infections I know had that shot.
  14. This was such a beautiful article. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I think there’s a strong connection between B12 deficiency and Parkinson’s as well. It’s common for people to become deficient as they age and some symptoms mimic Parkinson’s.
  16. I flew a couple weeks ago. The airports were packed, lines long. I wore my happy mask and regular glasses. I didn’t eat in the airport or on the plane. I had a long delay so I tried to find a less busy part of the airport for the wait. I have one unvaccinated person in my house so I separated from them on return. In our house that was easier, separate basement bedroom. Visited them outside on porches from a distance. Got a PCR test. It was negative. Just sharing my experience. I flew through the south, people were kind of masked- On chins, below nose etc., no one said anything to them. you might have better masking in California.
  17. I don't think people even try to find the truth or look at the data to see if they understand it. They rely on snippets and headlines and very few actually try to dig deeper. I think most people I know could understand the numbers if they tried. That said, we have a lot of "experts" medical, virologist, epidemiologists who seem to contradict each other. It is hard for me to sort it out and know who to believe. I'm not a scientist at all, and I admit it's hard for me to know who to trust when they publish things. I really don't know enough about virology to understand how a virus mutates and if vaccines made it mutate. I simply don't. I've read so many contradictory aerosol and mask explanations. In general numbers are easily manipulated to show your side of the story, but it's hard to find raw data to run your own calculations or draw your own conclusions.
  18. I’m not sure where to post this, but I’m vaccinated and traveled last week to a location in the south where it appeared covid didn’t exist😀 No one was masked. I traveled with a group that was vaccinated but we ate inside 3 nights, and had a 5 hour delay in the airport. I didn’t mask in the restaurants. Wore my happy mask in the airport and on the plane. Tested negative today! Very excited as this was planned before delta hit and I was pretty anxious about the whole thing.
  19. This was purely hypothetical. I was just wondering now that it seems vaccinated people can spread it and many seem to be asymptomatic, where people stood on this.
  20. If your child’s teacher or your elderly parent’s caregiver could either be routinely tested or fully vaccinated, which do you think would be most effective in keeping your parent/child the safest?
  21. Sorry, sarcasm not coming through😀 I’m vaccinated. Do not want it. It just seems inevitable with this day. And the crowds. I’m on a trip/reunion planned a couple months ago when I was comfortable With my vaccine protecting me. Now I just feel exposed and anxious.
  22. I did the opposite of lock down and went on a scheduled long weekend trip. It’s crazy out here. I’ve been in the airport for 4 hours. It’s nuts, so incredibly crowded. People on top of each other. Masks, but not well worn. There’s no way I don’t get covid out of this day.
  23. This was in the Wall Street Journal today - What about outdoor transmission of the Delta variant? Many people have long considered outdoor activities safe but scientists say it makes sense to rethink that assumption in certain situations. Delta increases the risk of outdoor transmission—especially for unvaccinated people, scientists say. “Outdoors does become more risky,” says Dr. Marr. If you are close to someone and in their respiratory plume—the air released in a breath—it may be possible to become infected, she says. The risks increase outdoors in more crowded settings, such as a concert or a baseball game. I f you are vaccinated, activities like biking, jogging or hiking—where you’re moving and exposure to an infected person is very brief—should be safe without a mask, doctors say. “Between being vaccinated and being outdoors, that’s pretty good protection,” says Dr. Marr. She does recommend even vaccinated people wear a mask outside in crowded settings. Outdoor risk increases if you’re in a wedding tent or structure where three sides are enclosed. “I don’t classify that as outdoors,” says Dr. Volckens. “The air exchange is limited. The air is more confined so the accumulation of this exhaled air is rebreathed.”
  24. I would move him off site too. This strain just seems so much more transmissible. You’ll be able to see how he does and be close enough to get him if he goes get sicker as time progresses.
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