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  1. My ex did all of MA, and parts of NH and ME. I was the driver/pit-stop supplier. eta: Actually, I did some of it too, but on several long-weekend trips with groups in the White Mountains (NH). We had big group reservations at cabins with hot meals waiting for us. A different experience than what my ex did, mostly on his own with a tent for a week at a time, sometimes with a friend joining for a day or two.
  2. Just wanted to add that my ex worked on the big states' case against the tobacco companies. It was his first year out of law school. I am very proud of the work he did. I was a smoker when he started, and I had quit by the time they settled, though I think it was for a more personal reason, rather than being influenced by public policy. My one-year-old niece saw me smoking and imitated me with a little stick, and it struck me that even though I was outside and at a good distance, my "personal choice" could still adversely affect someone I cared about. I was normalizing cigarettes. And tha
  3. Yes, true. They were a wealthy family, with a relatively large house. I found it interesting that they chose to have the kids share rooms, when most families in that area prioritized individual rooms. This family was definitely more concerned about bathroom flow.
  4. This looks like a good idea, but first I need to set up a table. I have a 30 by 48 inch table in the living room that could work for puzzles, but it has been used only as a sewing table since I started making masks. At the moment we each just use our desks in our bedrooms for eating etc. I think it is time to rearrange a bit.
  5. I have been working on decluttering for a while, and still have tons to do. Making room for the life we want.... Tonight's project is old electronic devices. This involves charging them enough to get them turned on, trying and failing to remember old passwords, and settling for a factory reset. So far I have found 8 phones, 4 e-readers, 1 laptop. And oh so many cords and accessories. Plus 2 printers, a monitor, old modems, etc. Next I have to figure out where to dispose of them. Apparently Amazon will recycle old kindles. Next weekend is hazardous waste disposal day in my town, and t
  6. Last week my 16yo asked if we can schedule a weekly craft night, and we ordered yarn. I want to get some puzzles too, but need to figure out a space to do them. We have a very small apartment, and no yard or porch of our own. I have been decluttering for awhile, and will keep going with that. Also trying to fix the place up with some small but long-needed repairs. I am watching YouTube videos to get tips on how to handle some of it. For exercise, I found some tai chi videos on YouTube that I have been trying out. We did what we could to make a dance space, but it is only 4 ft by 8 ft
  7. I cut it in half, clean out the seeds, steam it flesh side down until I can just kind of stick a fork in it, then put them in the oven flesh side up, coat with butter and seasonings, and roast until soft and browned.
  8. I do the slacker version of this. On my grocery store's website I can use a filter to only show things I have ordered before. Then I choose from that list. Click click click, done.
  9. I have known and used the term for decades. Army kid, mostly grew up in Europe, moved to New England at 18. I read a lot of mystery books as a kid, and the TV shows that the Army imported for us were mostly cop shows. I think I first knew the term from either the books or those old cop shows. I also go to all the museums I can, and have been to the national border patrol museum in El Paso TX. Trump has definitely referred to coyotes a bunch of times prior to the debate.
  10. We have a cat who does best with Arm and Hammer. I think the odor control is good, and it isn't leaving a cloud of dust like some others do. She was using pine pellets at the shelter before we got her, so we continued with that but she wouldn't bury it. We also tried crystals for a bit, but it stuck to her fur. She has 2 boxes side by side. She doesn't like to go into the box again after she used it until after it is cleaned. She will come tell me when she has finished; Hey mom, clean it up!
  11. I used to live in a house where the second floor had 3 large bedrooms and 3 full baths alternating in a ring around a central staircase. The master had bathrooms on either side, which also led out to the hall. The mom's bath was across from the girls' room, and the dad's bath was across from the boys' room. There was also a bathroom between the girls and boys rooms. So, generally the kids had access to their own shared room, but if it was in use, they could access the master bathrooms. It was a flexible design, and I could see another family allocating things differently, like connecting each
  12. I heard this is supposed to be more of a back to basics season. Hopefully the challenges live up to that.
  13. I will be living vicariously through the racers this season, even more than a normal season
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