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  1. I got shot #2 today. I went to the same place, an indoor track, but the line went so fast this time I barely had time to stand on the six foot dots. It was less painful going in, but this time the needle was inserted rather than an overhand stab like last time. I got my celebration take out (a lobster roll) on the way home from the shot, since last time I got super nauseated the day after. My state opens up to everyone 16+ starting on April 19th.
  2. Produce from grocery store curbside pickup has been real hit or miss this year, especially with texture. We settled on an almost-everyday salad consisting of bagged butter lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, and corn. The optional add-ins are usually grilled chicken, various cheeses, and croutons or wonton strips, and a homemade dressing of peanut butter/soy sauce/rice vinegar/maple syrup/ginger/garlic. My alternative store bought dressing is a creamy poppy seed. I am looking forward to shopping for produce in person starting next month, after I get shot #2 later this week. Or maybe I will go
  3. When I got my first shot, the only options were Moderna and Pfizer. Our hope is for my 16 yo to get Pfizer as soon as we move to the next tier, since that is approved for that age group, unlike Moderna which is 18+. So, I actually planned to get Moderna for myself in order to split the risk/benefit. But when I was able to book my appointment, Pfizer was the vaccine at the only site with openings. I had been trying for more than 2 weeks to book a slot at a site with Moderna, chasing phantom appointments that disappeared after I entered all my info, and it could have been another month of trying
  4. Have you seen the new pre-registration option for the MA mass vax sites? They have apparently just switched over to a system were you enter your info and then wait for an invitation by email. Then when they have available vaccine appointments to offer you, they send a link for the appointment system good for 24 hours. The pharmacies, etc. aren't part of this switch.
  5. We live in a condo where our entry area is a long 4 ft wide hallway. We don't have a closet. For the 17 years that we have been here, my system has been a bookcase with adjustable shelves (6 ft tall, 30 inches wide), a bench, a boot tray under the bench, a rolling coat rack, and I nailed a couple of strips of pegs to the chair rail across from the bookcase, so little people could hang up little coats. Everyone has a bin on one of their shelves to hold their gloves, hats, scarves, etc, and the rest of the shelves are filled with shoes. The shelves are spaced about 6 inches apart, but I left mo
  6. I got shot #1 (Pfizer) last week at a mass vax site. This one wasn't outside like many of the other sites in our region, but it was at large indoor track. The lines to wait for the shots were on the track itself, one on the inside lane and another on the outside lane, following big spaced dots to keep us spread out. There were 30 tables for doing immunizations in one area inside the track, and the rest of it was set up as post-shot observation areas. It took a little under an hour, with 15 minutes in the track line and 15 minutes of observation. Just inside the entrance to
  7. I haven't been diagnosed as being on the spectrum (so I did not vote in the poll), and neither has my teen, but we are both very neuro-atypical. We both have strong reactions to sound, and for me that usually means I avoid music altogether. I get emotionally overwhelmed by it. And I recoil from the sound of some instruments, especially piano and guitar. I do enjoy fiddle and drums. Sometimes I do enjoy playing a bit of dance music from my teens and 20's (the 80's and 90's), but in small doses. For my teen, it means wearing headphones playing music for most of the day, but usually music without
  8. It took my mother in FL a few weeks of trying to get an appt based on age. She was on the computer every day checking pharmacy websites and county websites, and sharing info with Facebook friends. She knew when sign-ups opened for each location, and was on several stand-by lists for no-shows. When she finally found openings, by the time she registered her husband for his shot, all the rest of the appts were gone for that day, but she managed to get her own appt for the following day. In my state, I have a few (huge) groups ahead of me. But I get the vaccine updates from my pcp's ho
  9. My ex and I had 3 rounds of couples therapy over the course of our 25 year marriage. In each case, it was initiated by him as he thought it would help increase and improve tea time. He wasn't really focused on the rest of the issues in the relationship, except maybe pointing out how my weight gain was negatively impacting his happiness. The third therapist had a policy that we both needed to be in individual therapy during the course of the couples therapy. My ex actually told the couples counselor that there was nothing wrong with him, so he didn't need individual therapy, but he eventu
  10. My 16 yo kid was vegetarian for about 5 years, starting at age 9, and is still very picky about the taste and texture of meat, so it is almost always an add-in. Most of our dinners are along these lines: Veggie & pineapple fried rice with sides of stir fried protein (chicken/shrimp/tofu/?) veggie rice noodle bowls topped with protein pasta variations, with a side of meatballs chopped salad topped with protein (steak tips/chicken/chick peas/last week's grocery order included a surprise substitution of cooked lobster, so that was my salad add-on)
  11. I love these, kind of a cross between a mitt and glove, and nicely sized if you have smaller hands. It's basically a folding flat mitt, but with little pockets for the thumb and fingers.
  12. I worked for Crate & Barrel for years, built up a huge collection of pots and pans, and attended and presented countless demo sessions over those years. When my ex and I separated a few years ago, he ended up with almost all of the cookware, and I went out and got a few new pieces for myself. I'm not even sure what the brands are on the new ones, but I shopped at TJ Maxx and looked for good prices on specific features. I chose an enameled 12 inch 4qt braiser, and a stainless steel 3qt pot, with steamer and double boiler inserts. They have glass lids, handles on the side, and are oven
  13. I just copied this from the IRS site: How much will the second Economic Impact Payment be? (added January 5, 2021) Eligible individuals who filed a 2019 joint tax return will receive up to $1,200, and all other eligible individuals will receive up to $600. Those with qualifying children on their 2019 tax return will receive up to $600 in additional payment per qualifying child. Eligible individuals don’t need a minimum income for the payment. However, for higher income individuals, the payment amount is reduced by 5% of the amount that their adjusted gross income exceeds
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