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  1. My 16 yo kid was vegetarian for about 5 years, starting at age 9, and is still very picky about the taste and texture of meat, so it is almost always an add-in. Most of our dinners are along these lines: Veggie & pineapple fried rice with sides of stir fried protein (chicken/shrimp/tofu/?) veggie rice noodle bowls topped with protein pasta variations, with a side of meatballs chopped salad topped with protein (steak tips/chicken/chick peas/last week's grocery order included a surprise substitution of cooked lobster, so that was my salad add-on)
  2. I love these, kind of a cross between a mitt and glove, and nicely sized if you have smaller hands. It's basically a folding flat mitt, but with little pockets for the thumb and fingers.
  3. I worked for Crate & Barrel for years, built up a huge collection of pots and pans, and attended and presented countless demo sessions over those years. When my ex and I separated a few years ago, he ended up with almost all of the cookware, and I went out and got a few new pieces for myself. I'm not even sure what the brands are on the new ones, but I shopped at TJ Maxx and looked for good prices on specific features. I chose an enameled 12 inch 4qt braiser, and a stainless steel 3qt pot, with steamer and double boiler inserts. They have glass lids, handles on the side, and are oven
  4. I just copied this from the IRS site: How much will the second Economic Impact Payment be? (added January 5, 2021) Eligible individuals who filed a 2019 joint tax return will receive up to $1,200, and all other eligible individuals will receive up to $600. Those with qualifying children on their 2019 tax return will receive up to $600 in additional payment per qualifying child. Eligible individuals don’t need a minimum income for the payment. However, for higher income individuals, the payment amount is reduced by 5% of the amount that their adjusted gross income exceeds
  5. I'm as ready as I get, I suppose. I hadn't set up a January calendar yet, so I found out today that my 16yo and I have medical appts at the same time on Monday (mine is zoom, kid's isn't). I had to enlist my ex to handle transportation for the kid's appt. Kid also starts an intensive 2 week online CC class tomorrow. I never decorated for Christmas, as I am trying to just focus on decluttering. Ex has all the decorations in storage anyway. and he had covid in December, so, nope.
  6. We are not living together, but we still do a joint return for now, or we would lose some tax credits. Ex randomly gives me money on occasion since we still don't have a set agreement. Since he was unemployed most of the year, he did not give me much money compared to previous years. We got our stimulus balance sent on a debit card, so I just used it myself to pay for groceries from May through August, when it finally ran out. The groceries end up getting used at both households due to our kid going back and forth, bringing their own food from here. Will probably do the same with the next
  7. This was part of the appeal of early Montessori at home: look kid, your little kitchen set up in the corner is stocked with REAL food!
  8. Frequent handwashing, and hand sanitizer when out of the house. Avoid touching face. Minimize touching surfaces in public places. Online school. Outings mainly limited to online order pickups and medical appointments, and transferring teen between 2 homes (shared custody). It is very hard to maintain social distancing if we leave home. Our condo complex is home to more than 100 people, with a daily presence of various maintenance staff and construction crew. The building next to ours is a nearly 20-story university dorm, and we are on a crowded street with a light-rail stop and university
  9. As someone who has used both inpatient and day treatment programs of varying lengths in the past, I would think about what was helpful about the programs in the past, and see if any of those elements can be incorporated into life at home, while you are not in crisis mode. I also have a bit of a decision tree about what would cause me to seek those services again if needed. In general I really need to prioritize my sleep, or everything unravels. I am less concerned about when it happens now, so long as I don't go too long without a good chunk of sleep. Having to be somewhere at a part
  10. My test was negative. No call from anyone yet, either about my test or about contact with my ex. I finally setup access to my own medical record online so I could peek at my labs. There is a record of my pcp sending a letter yesterday with the results. I have a no-contact grocery order in for tomorrow, and am adding extra things to the list so I can take some stuff to my ex. When I was taking his requests on the phone today, I took a few minutes to remind him of our child's medical vulnerabilities, and mine. Hopefully it sank in.
  11. Update: Ex tested positive. He was contacted by someone at the "Covid hotline" who gave him his results (approx. 48 hours post-test) and started the contact tracing process, and asked about his support network, and if he would need support services. 10 day isolation order given. Ex is feeling ok still, and says he is starting to smell and taste a little bit here and there today. No word on my test yet, although I was 2 cars ahead of my ex at the drive thru testing. My ex has been going up once a day to "take a quick peek" at our 16yo, opening the kid's bedroom door briefly with
  12. The 3 of us got tested late yesterday. No phone calls yet, but I just logged into the medical record of my 16 yo and the negative result has posted. For now we will all stay in our separate zones. Even if my ex's test is negative we are going to treat it as a false negative, given the sudden loss of taste and smell along with his sore throat. He says he is feeling ok, but some pain in his legs when he is lying down.
  13. I have a 2 bedroom one bathroom condo, under 1000 sq ft. We are almost the last stop on the subway within the city limits (30+ minute train ride into downtown), but still close to neighborhood restaurants. which is generally where we would eat if we were entertaining visitors, as we have no dining table. We have no outdoor space of our own, but there is a very pretty central garden courtyard (maintained by landscapers hired by the condo association), and we are 2 minutes from walking trails and a pond. Except in a pandemic, that is usually enough "yard" for us. No off-street parking
  14. It was a tough call, but I decided to have my 16 yo isolate in their suite over at my ex's place for now. It is on a different floor from the rest of the house, and there is a full bath and a separate entrance. I called in a favor and had a borrowed mini-frig delivered over there this afternoon, and I brought over a toaster oven, electric kettle, smoothie maker, and bags of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Plus a small space heater, with instructions not to open the vent for the central heat unit for now.
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