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  1. I just placed an order with them for some gorgeous batiks. Thanks. All of my area shops are closed.
  2. I have been trying out a bunch of styles, and my ex requested a fu mask but change it to elastic and it seems to be a closer fit that way. Below is picture of his. I only had 3/8 elastic but I folded it in half and stitched it together. I made a similar one for my 15yo, who requested 2 mini pleats on the sides after it was made, and it fits very nicely now.
  3. Boston metro area. I haven't been out in the last 2 weeks, but my ex has been doing occasional errands for me. My child and I have asthma, and other medical issues, so he has agreed to help us strictly shelter in place. From yesterday: He said other than limiting the number of people in the store, he saw no changes at Whole Foods and it made him uncomfortable to be in there. He went in to get an Amazon locker pickup but did not grocery shop there due to lack of social distancing etc. He went to Wegmans instead. They are letting staff wear masks and gloves and seem more focused on safe shopping and have 1-per shopper limits on the popular items. He did not share details of the trip, but got 90% of the items I requested, including TP, eggs, butter, sandwich bread, a bag of apples, some very green bananas, milk, yogurt, and OJ. Plus a 6 lb pack of ground beef, oh my. No flour or goldfish crackers though. I had been trying to get a grocery pick up slot at Wegmans for more than a week without success, so I am lucky I have a shopper I could send!
  4. Regarding disability payments, SSDI is distributed on different Wednesdays throughout the month. Mine is the second Wednesday. That meant last month I had to wait until March 11 until I could really do a big shop. I got mixed up and went shopping on the 10th by accident and my debit card got declined. Fortunately I have a still have an Amex business card from my ex, and I used that to pay for the food. Gotta feed our kid, ya know?
  5. I think that there will be some modified back to school in the fall here. Probably something with more staggered part time schedules, to reduce crowding, allowing for some social distancing. My child's former high school could probably manage something like M/W for grades 9 and 11, and T/T for grades 10 and 12. They already do block scheduling with the teachers split teaching those grade combos. They also normally do 1/2 days on Fridays for professional development, and it would make sense to carry on with those regular teacher meetings, virtual or otherwise. It would be harder to manage it this way for younger elementary students, but I still expect to see some sort of hybrid of b&m and at home this fall for K-12. I have a harder time believing we are prepared to have more than 100,000 college students return to our city from all over the country and beyond until we are more solidly over the spread of this.
  6. I have started sewing masks. I will definitely wear one next time I go shopping, or if I need to interact with anyone other than the kid I live with. We are both high risk. When I go out to common areas in my apartment building I am using a paper towel sprayed with cleaner to open doors and lift lids, etc, and wipe down the card we use for the laundry machine. I have not decided about gloves, etc, if I can find some I might use them. I came up with the idea of throwing my phone and car keys into a ziploc before leaving my car when I go shopping. I can still swipe the screen and push buttons on the key fob when they are in the bag. They would stay in the bag until I get back in the car and sanitize my hands. Just need some hand sanitizer now.
  7. It will probably be needed for regular bills. If we are lucky, and my ex is able to keep some self-employment income going, it might help me replace my 2003 van this summer.
  8. 10 days ago I decided to go as close to full quarantine as I could due to asthma and other health issues. Since then I have only left my apartment to go to the building's trash room and laundry room, and once to get some stuff that was in the car. Over the weekend my ex dropped off a bag of groceries (mainly bananas and apples) and he delivered some stuff I ordered from Amazon. In the week before my "quarantine" I did what I called extreme social distancing, and I did a pickup order from Target and 2 trips to the grocery store, and my 15 yo spent the weekend with their dad. I asked them to skip that this past weekend, but I think the visits will be back on at the end of this week if everyone takes precautions. Maybe sticking to visits every 2 weeks rather than weekly seems better in this new normal. I have started making masks and thinking through how to handle "essential" trips.
  9. extra groceries, toiletries, and medical stuff for 2 households, since my 15 yo and I both have asthma, and my ex is staying in a new place and did not have even a thermometer. I asked him to check his temp regularly if he wants to keep sharing custody during this extended stay at home time frame a fresh bottle of insulin and extra testing supplies for our diabetic kitty several spools of thread for some quarantine sewing projects peri bottles I got the car oil changed the day before our city announced the shelter in place guidelines. it needed it anyway, but I made sure to get it done asap in case i couldn't later
  10. My only certain income is from SSDI, so the budget is as tenuous as it normally is. I am saving on gas, but the difference is spent on groceries.
  11. I live in a condo so there are limits to what I can do. I went with locking bars on the inside of all the windows, similar to the ones on the link. Someone with the right tools could break in, but it would be really noisy because they would have to break the window first. We also had the unit doors replaced with more secure ones when we bought the place, and installed deadbolts. I locked myself out recently when the deadbolt was not locked, just the doorknob lock was on, and I was able to slide that lock open in under a minute with my driver's license. That really made me appreciate the deadbolts!
  12. The IRS monthly max allowance for food is $386 per month for a single person, which works out to $89 per week. So, $75 per week, especially for someone who works at a restaurant, seems reasonable.
  13. A few have, others are just adjusting. Thankfully my 15yo got braces off a few weeks ago. We have a temporary retainer (clear), and were supposed to go in to pick up the regular retainer (palate) this week, but we go to a dental school, and it has closed. The physical therapy office says they plan to stay open, but we are near the end of that treatment (started this round in December) so I may cancel appts for this week and next. Our vet is open, but only for animals. You have to leave your pet at the door, the vet will put you on speaker phone during the exam while you wait in the car, and you can pay online.
  14. There were lots of virtual St Patrick's Day shows posted online today. At least one kid from our school danced in the driveway of a nursing home, for the benefit of a grandparent inside. Our Irish dance school urged us not to get the kids together outside of dance class. Instead, they are putting together an online video library of the school's senior dancers performing various steps for everyone to use at home. Earlier this year they developed a pretty comprehensive fitness routine for the kids to do in and out of class (jump-roping, etc), and they provided handouts that they can use. Also, the teacher is requesting that we send her 2-3 short videos from at-home practice and she will provide feedback. We don't have a proper dance area really, but my 15yo is dancing wherever. Like today, outside the laundry room in our condo complex. We also retrieved a piece of shower pan liner from storage. It is not quite as good as marley, but is not bad as a top layer to roll out on top of a wood floor and cost about $30 for a 5-8 piece.
  15. We got an email reminder that dance class was still happening this weekend, despite all the St Patrick's Day show cancellations, and then a couple hours later we got another email telling us that we would not have class after all, this week or next, and stay tuned for updates. The school has class in about a dozen locations throughout the week, but none are owned by the school, and most of the locations are being closed down (church halls, school gyms, etc).
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