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Who knew caffeine withdrawal would be so bad?

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Sorry, I've never tried stopping coffee and I can't imagine stopping. My mom's family has somewhat of a history of cysts. Did the doctor tell you why no caffeine? I wonder if I should just go cold turkey as preventative measure.


well, I am having heart palpatations as well. So, he wanted to eliminate the caffeine as a first step to diagnose the heart palpatations and cysts. If the heart palps continue; we will do more bloodwork, etc. My ekg was fine.

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I kicked a nasty Diet Coke habit last year. (10 cans a day. Yes, I'm awful.) The headaches went away pretty quick, but the sleepiness and spaciness lasted a full month. The cravings went away after a few months. Now, one caffeine-free year later, I don't even miss it.


Hang in there! :001_smile:

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I cut out coffee a few months ago and for 3 days I was vomiting and could barely function. I went through a bottle of acetaminophen in that time period. It was like I was in a heroin biopic.


The crazy thing is I wasn't even trying to withdraw, but I had gone a few days without coffee because I was moving and just wasn't in my usual routine. After the withdrawal kicked in, I was determined to see it through because I knew I was never ever ever going to go through that again.


The good thing was once it was over, it was completely over. I didn't even really want it after that.

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