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  1. My three kids all have Republic Wireless. They have a selection of phones. The plans are super-cheap. You can get 1 GB data, talk, text for $25 per month.
  2. My took a class called Asian Eats. It's been his favorite so far!
  3. I've had two kids take Advanced Composition at TPS, but it's been two years since they've taken it. At the time compositions had an extensive checklist. No "Be" verbs allowed at all. Other things I can remember: No sentences starting with A, An, or The, Each sentence in a paragraph must start with a different word, and no paragraph can start with the same word. They wrote one composition every 1-2 weeks. The English sequence has been revamped quite a bit in the last couple of years, so the content might have changed.
  4. Heard from the last one today. My son was accepted at California State University, Long Beach.
  5. Somehow I think this acceptance for my son was dropped off the list, unless I'm looking at it incorrectly. Thanks!
  6. My son received another acceptance: Grand Canyon University, Honors College, Scholarship
  7. My son got his third acceptance: Biola University with scholarship. We won't hear from his last application for a few months, so this is it for awhile.
  8. My son got his second acceptance: Vanguard University with a Presidential Scholarship.
  9. Thanks, FaithManor! If you have time, Azusa is spelled incorrectly in the list. It has one "z" and one "s."
  10. Both my teens are 6'2" and they are sleeping in twin bunk beds. I know they'd be happier with longer beds, but they don't complain. Where do you get x-long twin beds?
  11. My son did the live RWT Chemistry class. He still needed me to hand-hold him a lot. Some of that was this particular child. We also use the recorded lectures. My kids don't like them that much, but they get the job done. I do like the optional tests and the blank notes to fill in during the lectures. I agree that Steve Rosenoff is abrasive and sometimes defensive at times. On the other hand, I didn't find his grading unfair, and his expectations were clear. My experience is that his recorded lectures are often promoted as available for only a "limited time." Don't let that rush you into a decision.

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  13. We've had Janis Gaines as a teacher. My son liked her.
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