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  1. What is your recommendation for AP Calc BC online classes? I am aware of AoPS and PAH. Anything else?
  2. Anyone has experience with CT PreCalculus. Is the HW challenging? Besides the Thinkwell video, does it add anything else? Thanks.
  3. Anyone has experience with Daniel Burns vs. Mrs. Richman with APUSH at PA homeschoolers? I know that Daniel Burns teaches from Christina perspective which is what I prefer but is Richman's class much better? Thanks.
  4. My son is not interested in taking traditional history class i.e. from ancient to modern. He wants to focus on modern history both for US and the world. Anyone knows if selective colleges will recognize CC classes that only focus on the contemporary period to satisfy the history requirement.
  5. My son has taken HS spanish 1 with Homeschool Spanish Academy. He found the curriculum very weak. Any recommendation for Spanish 2. His goal is to take SAT subject test eventually. Any feedback on Sra. Ana Carmona? Thanks.
  6. Any suggestion for High school online spanish class? I read that Homeschool Spanish Academy is weak in vocabulary and grammar. Is that true? What level is ready for SAT subject test. Anyone has success with it? Or is there other recommendation? How about TPS? My child does not know any Spanish.
  7. I would like to request testing accommodation from College Board for using computer to type instead of writing. Is a letter from OT enough or does it has to be a neuropsychologist? We homeschool so we don't have any IEP or 504 plan. Thanks.
  8. Refund my money immediately.

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