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  1. Does anyone know of a clean version of Shakespeare's Othello, that is not over 3 hours long?
  2. Is there a kids science museum that he volunteer at? Could he find a church that does Center Shot Archery, he could help teach a class or two?
  3. This one explains what it was like during the time period of the Bible. This is more like a history book.
  4. He is creating one on Philosophy. You might find something here: Summit has a Christian Worldview Camp for High school to adults. R.C. Sproul The Truth Project Do a google search for Ravi Zacharias philosophy videos Do a search on philosophy
  5. Another resource is the Oxford School Series: It goes over the play, with commentary and has vocabulary defined in the margins.
  6. When I bought ours, I price around and at that time Sonlight had the best price. I compared with Nature's Workshop Plus and Home Training Tools.
  7. Go to the main websites find one in your area and visit it. Contact the state reps for your area and find out if you can get with other clubs who have more experience. Some people have been known to drive about 2 hours one way to go to a club. Below are the two main homeschool debate leagues. You might want to youtube some of the debates for these leagues, to get a feel for the style of debate. It will take time to do research for team policy debate. You and your dh learn how to question her as the devil's advocate to help learn how to think things through. Another thing to look into is the economics of the issue up for debate. That always helps to understand that. Books and maybe some video training: One thing to keep in mind, it can get expensive. You have to pay to join a debate club, then fees for tournaments, fees for national organization, and professional looking clothes and shoes. If your student is serious about it, have them to start to develop a professional speaking voice, that does not sound like a teenager. Also, have them start taking notes of sermons, or TV shows. They need good note taking skills for debate. It is an adventure. You and your student will learn more than you ever wanted to.
  8. I second Up From Slavery. Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry is set in the depression If you want you might want to have them watch the movie "Amazing Grace." It will give the students a sense of how bad slavery really was. Some other topics you want to investigate is the Irish slaves and America. Also, find out who captured and sold the African slaves.
  9. Are you looking for something like this?
  10. We used Dave Ramsey course as a personal finance course. I have used Abeka's Economics course. A couple of my children have been to the seminars put on by Greg Rhemke for economics as it relates to debate topics. We have watched the John Stossel's economic videos that come out yearly. I am thinking about adding Money, Greed and God by Jay Richards to the mix.
  11. Movies as Literature
  12. Patty Paper Geometry is a hands on supplement to help understand geometry. The Textbook version:
  13. A new curriculum that has been around for a couple of years.
  14. It takes three weeks to do each lesson. I once heard that when you are learning a new writing program, it is good for the teacher to do the writing too. This way the teacher will find out about what some the student struggles are. By doing the writing assignments, the teacher learns the program better. Just take it slow. You may want to start with some short stories, this way for slow readers, the students do not get behind in the reading. Also, the fifth edition teacher edition has some sample ANI charts to help you along.
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