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Any East Coasters watching NBC at 8 tonight?

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Well from how it has been every other night they showed gymnastic, it was the latest thing going until at least 12 am. They have started showing it sround 9:30-10ish.


Bummer, that's way too late. I know how it turns out but am keeping it a secret from DD.

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I've been very tired this week!


We are too, and this week we are driving 45 minutes one way to take one child to a camp. I plan to crash this weekend, and I am sure my kids will too. 11 (the time coverage is over for us) is too late for my 7 yr old, but he wants to watch so we let him.

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That's precisely why they keep it to last. It is so popular that they want to keep people tuned into their channel until it airs.


Yeah, I guess, but I'm thinking of families with younger kids. If we had nothing to do tomorrow I would consider a super late night but we just can't pull it off (well, I could, but not DD).

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Oh seriously?? At 9? (If I am doing my math right ;) )



Yes, 9 o'clock


I know, it's early-I just ran to tape it! I hope I didn't miss much? Turned it on at 9:06 EST. Does anyone know when it started (ie-how much did I miss?)

I believe you only missed a few minutes.

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I'm still watching. I pretend I'm planning science in between gymnastics when the swimming comes on. I might get a little something done. Since we are DVRing it I also used my laptop to look up Nadia Comaneci for Dd. She wondered if she was still alive. Dd thinks she is beautiful.

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