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  1. Mine was a recording as well but she did tell me that my "credit card" was still in good credit standing. Phew!!
  2. Does it count if I saw his photo (and vice versa)? If so, then yes. My friend set us up (he was friends with her boyfriend) and we ended up being together for all of my Sophomore year in college.
  3. I only know about this scam because of this board. I feel so special. Caller ID listed my husband's name but a weird number. I am pretty sure this was the only time I have ever gotten excited when I realized a call was a scam. :hat:
  4. My girls love HoJos. It's an acceptable walk and the splash pad is a lot of fun for the kids. We've always been comfortable there. Have fun! And, yes, half marathons are crazy there. There was one yesterday and it was nuts just trying to park. The park itself was busy but not insane, though, so not as huge of a deal if you're staying nearby.
  5. Thank you, everyone! Very helpful :thumbup1:
  6. I've read here that Sears does not have the best customer service. Any suggestions on where we should look? We are looking for something moderately priced - basic, good quality appliances... TIA!
  7. I voted Other because my option wasn't on there. My 9 year olf DD is allowed to wear light, sparkly lip gloss out and about. I consider that make up. Anything else, no, not unless she has permission (or she's just playing dress up at home).
  8. I always thought it was painful gas that wouldn't go away and was under my ribs. I was totally clueless that it was my gallbladder until I thought I had food poisoning that wouldn't go away. Heh, whoops. I likely had other 24 hour vomiting issues because of it that I always assumed was food poisoning. #stupid But those only happened a handful of times spread throughout years. When it was taken out my surgeon told my husband it was a mess and he didn't even know how I was standing up and functioning. But it never truly bothered me until the weekend before the surgery (and I didn't know it was my gallbladder until that weekend in the ER).
  9. I'm looking at 40 and figure I should start getting better about using eye cream before bed. Any recs? I've used a face lotion since being a teen and I definitely think of has helped my skin as I've aged. TIA!
  10. I would assume the nanny took them because why else would she claim that about you? Either that or the nanny got you confused with someone else?
  11. Yes, how can they trust a drunk doctor? On one hand I understand why you'd want to keep a surgeon around but on the other hand what's the point if you can't trust him? (and wasn't Bob a doctor? Maybe this would have been him - at least the regularly drunk part - if he had a cushy spot in Alexandria). I think Carol is working two angles. All in favor (in her opinion) of their group - getting Rick to be more in their faces and she can keep quiet to the side so she's a surprise "weapon." That gun Nicholas was messing with, I am pretty sure, is the one Rick had hid. I hope Glenn isn't killed by such a loser. If he's going to die it should be more epic. Nicholas is such a throw away loser to me. I agree, I think the Ws are the Wolves, whoever they are. My guess is that the Ws are carved in before the people die. Like that woman tied to the tree - I think they left her to be found by walkers but carved the W before they took off. Lovely folks.
  12. Well, I tried finding even threads simply titled Christian only and barely could via the search here or on Google. I think your last statement is true plus I also think people are thinking CC threads are only for Christians as well.
  13. No but I was replying to what you said. There hasn't been one post on this thread telling Slache to not start Christian-only threads. I think it is important to point that out when someone says otherwise.
  14. So no one said it. You're just assuming that's what people mean. So pointing out how a Christian world view isn't just one type of world view is the same as saying don't post a thread like that?
  15. I may have missed a post - who said Slache could not start a Christians-only thread?
  16. But not all Christians have the same world view. My mother is a lifelong Christian. And both in MA and CA, where she now lives, she has married gay couples as a justice of the peace. Her world view is clearly different than someone who doesn't agree with gay marriage (never mind actually participating in the actual wedding).
  17. I usually search that way, too, for this board but nothing with "Christian only" comes up for me in the first few pages. I think the one I found using this search was the one in October and I believed was started by Moxie. And it was specifically a poll.
  18. Fly. :) But, more realistically, draw/paint well and sing well.
  19. How often are there "Christian-only" posts on this board? I honestly have not seen very many in my years here. I have seen CC posts regularly but that means Christian Content. ETA: Granted, the search function here is not the best but I could only find one thread with Christian-only in the thread title and then nothing without the "-"
  20. Good luck!! If you don't mind sharing, what options did s/he give you? Those are 2 of my big issues as well.
  21. Ooooo, I think I may have figured out the freedom that could open a can of worms on this forum.... OP, does it have to do with making your family's health choices without too much government interference? ETA: and I realize this post may just get ignored ;) Also, I can't believe how buggy Texas sounds. I could never deal with that. :scared:
  22. How is one to know if they are knowledgeable if you don't actual say what kind of freedoms you are looking for? I'm sorry, but the vagueness of what you are looking for is frustrating never mind confusing, hence the questions.
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