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If you were going to buy some fun toys for a 1 yr. old girl

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to play with during your older kids' school time...what would you get her? My dd is 12 months right now, so she'll be a little older when we start in August.


I was looking at Wal-Mart today and, well, everything just seemed junky:glare:. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I couldn't bring myself to buy ANY toddler toys from there...blah. She has some toys now, buy MOST of them are younger infant toys and she really needs something for a toddler.


They would be things that I would only bring out during the older dc school time, so that it's "fresh" to her.


Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated:D.

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When my dd was little (she'll be 21 in August, how does that happen!) she had this little purse that had lots of 'mommy things' in it and she just loved sitting with that and taking the items out and putting them back in. I was so tickled to find one for my grand-daughter when she was about the same age. It has a cell phone, mirror, lipstick, wallet, keys, etc. She loved it too:)

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ROFL :lol:


hmmm, a tissue box with no tissue, a wooden spoon, rubber maid boxes with lids and little people to throw in the mix.. Then be sure to tell them "Do not touch". they will play with anything you DON"T want them playing with!
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We love blocks. You know the big kind that click together:


My two girls will play that for hours. And they usually bring in some little people:


or aminal figurines to go in the castels/houses they build.

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I have a 13 month old, and have been doing some toy shopping lately, so I'm excited to see the other suggestions here.


Playmobil 123 and Little People are on our list, but we don't have them yet. :)


We love Haba blocks. Check Amazon, they have a nice selection. We have a lot because DH always brings them home from Germany. They are beautiful, well made, and the paint doesn't chip. They will last forever.


This cone sorter is wonderful.


Chunky Puzzles by Melissa & Doug are fun right now, and depending on the one you have can double as play figures or blocks. If you have a HomeGoods store near you, we just picked up two of these for $6.99 each.


Stacking ring sorters - always a classic.


Shape sorters.


Play silks - our 13 month old adores them. Endless games of peek-a-boo. (Although we supervise with those, they are not independent play.)


She received this toy picnic basket for her birthday, and it's a favorite. Big favorite!


Board books with texture. Touch and feel books. Our little one loves to load and unload her book basket, and she loves to sit and "read" them to herself - pointing at the pics, babbling, and touching the textures.


Looking forward to the other suggestions!


ETA: Oh! I almost forgot that she just loves to use the toy that has balls and a hammer. Pound the ball into a hole and it roles down a tube. I didn't expect her to master the hammering so quickly - but she got it. :) Loves it. ...And ball poppers are usually a huge hit, though loud.

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If you have room, those large cardboard blocks (they come flat and you have to fold them together - I think the Lillian Vernon catalog has them) are great. She can pile them and knock them down - older kids can help make a "fort" she can sit in with a stuffed animal etc.


A large cardboard box big enough to crawl into or sit in (cut a door in the side for her).


My toddlers could bit the heads and hair off the baby Playmobile figures :-( so be careful with those. I had the figures from mid- 1990s - maybe newer ones are safer. But , really, the hair pops right off. I do mean the figures meant for toddlers, not just regular Playmobile figures.

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She received this toy picnic basket for her birthday, and it's a favorite. Big favorite!


Our 16 mth old granddaughter has a similar picnic basket to the one mentioned above that she loves.

This Learning Piggy Bank (Kohl's carried these at one time) is also a huge hit with her, but what she seems to love playing with most of all is our son's tin of dominoes. She will spend more time playing with those than any of her toys.

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Great suggestions everone. I lol'd about giving the toddler wooden spoons/empty tissue boxes and saying "don't touch".


I forgot about all the little people stuff dd6 has in her room. She really doesn't play with it anymore, so it's time to pass them down.


I had forgotten about Discovery toys and Magic Cabin. Will check them out. She has lots of board books, but she always wants me to read them to her, which is hard if I'm trying to do school with the older kiddos.


I'm still open to suggestions!

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