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  1. There is also evidence that pertussis has mutated which makes the vaccines less effective. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23029513/ Susan in TX
  2. There are so many things that can cause or contribute to depression. You need a really good doctor who will leave no stone unturned. Also a naturopathic doctor might be helpful. There are a lot of nutritional things that can contribute to depression and regular doctors are not educated about such things. If that doesn't help find a different psychiatrist. It is common to have to try different meds and it can take time and a lot of trial and error. Also sleep is very important. If something is interfering with you getting quality sleep that can cause or contribute to depression. And you aren't doing anything wrong. Susan in TX
  3. One thing you might want to consider is her diet. My son gets very grumpy and hard to deal with when he eats certain food. Certain foods also spike his anxiety. One of the things he is sensitive to is annato. It is in yellow cheese and a lot of snack foods and ice cream. He is sensitive to other food additives as well. We have had a lot of improvement in behavior after eliminating processed food and sugar. Susan in TX
  4. But if you do use it constantly then she will very likely change her behavior. Also, you don't necessarily have to be punitive. You can just pull her aside and say something like "I can see you are having a hard time getting along with the other kids right now. I'd like you to come help me with (insert something she can help you with.)" Or you can give her some options of things she can do by herself for a bit. Susan in TX
  5. I simply wouldn't tolerate name calling or other verbal abuse. I would discipline her for it just as you would for hitting. And if the other kids are instigating then I would discipline them as well. Susan in TX
  6. I would either find a way to to homeschool or send her to a different school. If she stays in school she should be tested for a learning disability. The fact that she is 7 and the teacher thinks she needs to be held back is evidence that there might be something wrong and she might benefit from having an IEP. In my experience private schools do not do a very good job of meeting the needs of kids with learning challenges. She might be better off in public school. Susan in TX
  7. Seems to me that you don't need your aunt's permission. Grandma is not living in your Aunt's house, Grandma is renting rooms from her. So as long as the plan is for you to stay in Grandma's part of the house and Grandma has invited you I see no problem. Susan in TX
  8. Christian Light is designed for the student to be as independent as possible. It is more teacher intensive for the younger grades. Obviously a 6 year old can't do everything independently. Other curriculum that I know of that a child can do mostly independently: Developmental Mathematics Explode the Code Rod and Staff English Grammar (This is not designed to be used independently but I have used it that way.) Rod and Staff Spelling All of JacKris Publishing Language Arts: Growing with Grammar, Soaring with Spelling, Winning with Writing, Digging into Diagramming Susan in TX
  9. No, circumcising infant boys is also body mutilation and should not be done. Susan in TX
  10. Feeling grief over a teen choosing to mutilate their body is a perfectly normal response. It is those that see nothing wrong with this that need therapy. Susan in TX
  11. I've been homeschooling since the early 90s and there is some curriculum out there that has been around awhile and stood the test of time. Most have new editions but haven't really changed much. I am still using some of these same curricula: Rod and Staff Christian Light Developmental Mathematics Explode the Code Bob Jones and Abeka are still around...I am not sure how much their new editions differ from the old. The Story of the World books have been around for quite awhile too. Susan in TX
  12. You might want to check out Blossom and Root science. I just found out about it and am thinking about getting it for my kids. It is literature based and very flexible but it looks like it would have the depth that your daughter is looking for. Susan in TX
  13. I absolutely would NOT be concerned about a five year old who was just learning to sound out CVC words. That sounds to me like he is on grade level. I didn't even start teaching reading to my son until he was seven. Sounds to me like you are doing great. Susan in TX
  14. Does this mean that he doesn't want to write the letters the way the curriculum teaches or something else? Susan in TX
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