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  1. The minimum payment on a credit card is not necessarily related to the interest one is paying. Each credit card issuer has their own formula for calculating the required minimum payment. Also the interest rate you are paying should be on your credit card statement as well as the dollar amount of interest you were charged. Susan in TX
  2. The Legend of the Poinsettia and The Night of Las Posadas both by Tomie dePaola. Susan in TX
  3. You can easily start a 3rd grader with no previous grammar instruction in R&S 3. You can also start a 4th grader with no previous grammar instruction in R&S 4. Susan in TX
  4. I don't think there is a lot of Christian content in the text. It is most definitely not secular and would not work for someone who wanted no Christian content. It is not preachy though. The Christian content is mostly things like copying a Bible verse for penmanship and references to Bible stories. Susan in TX
  5. I would use Christian Light Education for Language Arts. It covers grammar, writing, penmanship, and spelling. It is a workbook based curriculum that is designed for use in Mennonite schools. These schools operate a lot like one room schools so the teacher is often dealing with more than one grade level. The curriculum is designed to be self-teaching and used mostly independently by the student. It would probably take 30 minutes a day. This might be easier for your dh to implement because it is open and go and he just needs to be there to help if there is something that the child doesn't understand. Susan in TX
  6. Yes. This. You need a stable home life in order to homeschool successfully. It seems to me that the state of the house causes a lot of stress. Think about what is needed to lower the stress and just work on that one thing. Then add in others one at a time. Get some routines started so that you can stay on top of the housework. Then do the same for homeschooling. I cannot stress enough the need for a consistent routine. Decide what you are going to do and how, when, and where and do it the same way every day. I have homeschooled for many years and through many stressful life events. In the long term taking a few weeks off isn't going to hurt anything. But consistency is the key. Work a little bit on the basics every day and over time a lot of progress can be made. Susan in TX
  7. I don't even start a spelling curriculum until the child can read fluently, which is usually 3rd grade. I don't require any written composition until we start Rod and Staff English in 4th grade. Before then we do copywork and/or penmanship. So I would back off of the writing assignments altogether. When he does copywork keep it short and have him correct any mistakes. Susan in TX
  8. My 8yob has trouble with constipation and magnesium supplements helped a lot. I get NaturesPlus Animal Parade chewable ones. I give him two or three a day and that has kept him from being very constipated. I have also wondered what causes it. I have read that some kids will have the problem because they hold it and don't go for whatever reason and then that causes the constipation. Susan in TX
  9. Just tell him that you want it in your name. And if he dies without a will his estate will be divided equally between you and the children...what is left of it after all debts are paid. Susan in TX
  10. Just sign up for AAA yourself. Go online and put the membership fee on the credit card. They can come out and diagnose the battery and put a new one in if that is the problem. All you pay for is the battery. Mine was around $100. In your situation, I would not spend any of my energy worrying about the credit card debt. You can sacrifice your needs but your dh is still going to continue spending so it won't get you anywhere anyway. And the credit card is in his name so it is his problem. Susan in TX
  11. Unfortunately there are times when you have to involve him. In those cases keep his involvement to the bare minimum. Be assertive. Get the car title and give it to him and say "I need you to sign this". All he has to do is sign it. I am pretty sure you can fill out all the other info yourself. If he says he can't find the title you can get a duplicate. If he refuses to sign the title over to you then there isn't much you can do. Susan in TX
  12. And one more thing. Stop criticizing your dh. Do not for any reason say anything negative to him. Do not complain that he hasn't done whatever thing he said he would do but didn't. Don't tell him he is cleaning the couch wrong. Don't say anything about his spending. If he criticizes you do not defend yourself. Do not engage. The only exception I would make to this is if he is being abusive to the children. But even then just step in and stop it. Don't say anything more than you have to. Susan in TX``
  13. I think you need to work out in your mind what things dh is responsible for and what things you are responsible for. Then you do you and do not in any way get involved or say anything to him about the things that are his responsibility. So his car is his responsibility. Let him deal with it. You can choose to take responsibility for your car or not. If you do take responsibility for it then just do what you think is best. Do not have a discussion with him about it. Just do it. I would do the same thing with the finances. He has insisted on paying the bills and controlling the money so stop taking responsibility. If he wants to buy a new car let him. Don't say anything. It may be that he makes these stupid spending decisions just because you oppose them and he doesn't want to be controlled. If you need to spend money, spend it. Don't discuss it with him. When he gets upset about it later simply tell him calmly that you needed to buy groceries or whatever it is. Don't try to reason with him or convince him you were right to spend the money just say "I needed to buy whatever it is" and leave it at that. Ignore any critical things he says and don't respond. Same thing with the kids. You are the one homeschooling and doing the childcare so they would fall under your responsibility. Don't depend on him for childcare. Make other arrangements. Don't discuss whether or not to take a child to the doctor. Just do what you know is the right thing to do. Again, if he gets mad do not defend your actions. Don't engage. Ignore him. Also, google "covert narcissist". Susan in TX
  14. It isn't a workbook but Rod and Staff English has what you are looking for. My kids have been very independent with it. They read the lesson and then I assign the written work. There is lots of diagramming. Susan in TX
  15. We like Soaring with Spelling. It is easy to use. There is a lesson a week. The first day is a pre-test and if the student gets all the words correct they can go on to the next lesson. Days 2, 3, and 4 have various exercises such as word search, fill in the missing letters, scrambled words. These exercises are short and they really help the student to learn how to spell the words. The last lesson is the test. The words that are missed on the final test are added to the next weeks word list. It takes about 15 minutes a day. Susan in TX
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