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  1. The first death in Japan from Coronavirus is an 80 year old woman. The concerning thing about this is that she was initially diagnosed with pneumonia. She had been hospitalized since Feb. 1. They did not test her for Coronavirus until Wednesday. She died before the test came back. So how many health care workers had exposure to this woman and did not wear protective clothing because she just had pneumonia? How many other patients in the two hospitals that she was in have now been exposed to the virus? This is how it started in Wuhan. Susan in TX
  2. My daughter had PNES and the seizures stopped when her anti-depressant medication (SSRI) was increased. There have been some studies that show that taking an SSRI can reduce PNES. Susan in TX
  3. He might do well with Life of Fred. You can read the books to him and do some of it orally and continue to write for him as needed. The problem sets in Life of Fred are short. There isn't a lot of repetition of the same types of problems over and over. But there is review built in. I would start out a level or two below what he can currently do. There are a lot of topics covered in each level and there is also a story element so he shouldn't get bored and it will allow him to get used to the format before getting to new material. Susan in TX
  4. I would have a hard time leaving a kid overnight with someone who has only watched them once. Susan in TX
  5. Ten people on the cruise ship Diamond Princess in Japan have tested positive. Susan in TX
  6. An "overall average" kid who is immature and struggling with academics is not going to get the support he needs in public school. If his problems were severe enough to qualify for special ed services then maybe (and that's a big maybe) the school would be able to do more for him than you could. My advice is to keep homeschooling him and work with him where he is. So instead of thinking he is 10 and in 3rd grade, he should be able to do XYZ accept that he is 10 but mentally/emotionally he is 8 and work with him at that level. And just because he is "behind" now doesn't mean he will remain "behind". The advantage of homeschooling is that we don't have to be tied down to grade levels. I have two children who were way below grade level when they were 10 but were working at or above grade level at age 14. Susan in TX
  7. You drop everything and get outside and enjoy that beautiful weather while you can. Susan in TX
  8. In Seattle they are doing house calls for suspected cases The amount of protective gear that the medical team is wearing does not reassure me. Susan in TX
  9. In my experience Southwest has the lowest fares and the best customer service. You can go to their website and search their low fare calendar. Susan in TX
  10. I have always started spelling when the child had finished phonics. I have used Rod and Staff starting in 3rd grade. I also like Soaring with Spelling and I recently started using Spelling you See with my 8yob who is struggling with learning to read. Susan in TX
  11. The A through F books don't do much with the alphabet. They do have the child learn to write their name. I am not sure about the G, H, I, books. They didn't have those when my kids used them. I used Explode the Code Get Ready, Get Set, Go books for learning letters. Susan in TX
  12. With my older kids I used Rod and Staff workbooks. With my younger kids we started academics later and I skipped all the pre-school stuff but one thing we did do that was a lot of fun was Ivy kids kits. Once a month they send a book and a box of crafts and activities that go along with the book. Everything you need is included so it was very easy to implement. Susan in TX
  13. I would have called the police as soon as I realised that the dog was aggressive. Where we live the owner would not have gotten her dog back so easily. Susan in TX
  14. Your daughter is only in 10th grade, correct? I get that things look really bleak right now and you might need to adjust your expectations of what her future will look like but it is way too soon to give up hope. Sometimes you need to find a different doctor or a different therapist but there is help out there. Just don't give up! Susan in TX
  15. Everything that you have been saying about your dh points to narcissism. He has the money for HIS priorities not yours. He is going to do whatever he needs to do to make himself look good. And he is going to care more about impressing other people than about what you think. Susan in TX
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