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  1. I would just let her be. If you correct her letter formation you run the risk of discouraging her from the activity. I doubt that she will continue with poor letter formation when she is older. Susan in TX
  2. What are your state homeschooling laws? Do they require that certain classes be completed to graduate? In Texas there are no state requirements to graduate from homeschool. My son had similar struggles and I simply graduated him when he turned eighteen. This did not prevent him from getting employment because he can check the box that says he has a high school diploma. It also did not keep him from going to community college. Susan in TX
  3. I have a couple of kids who were like this. One of the things I told them when I just wanted them to drop an argument was that, "People have the right to be wrong." It allowed them a way to save face and end the argument because they could both believe the other person was wrong lol. I have also just told bickering siblings to "take it outside" and literally made them go outside to bicker. That would usually end it because neither of them wanted to go outside. Susan in TX
  4. In addition to your husband's life insurance you and your children would be able to get Social Security Survivors Benefits if your husband died when your children were still minors. Susan in TX
  5. My personal educational philosophy has been formed by John Holt, Charlotte Mason, and Susan Wise Bauer. For Charlotte Mason I would start with volume 1 of her Home Education series. You can also read it free online here. John Holt: How Children Learn, How Children Fail, What Do I do Monday? , Learning All the Time Also anything by John Taylor Gatto. Susan in TX
  6. Buy the books. In my experience most kids get to a point with phonics and just take off. There really is no point in teaching her phonics that she has already learned. Any gaps can be covered by your spelling curriculum. Susan in TX
  7. We schooled year-round and took what I called "baby breaks". So the first 12 weeks of pregnancy we did very little school. I was in survival mode. Lots of screen time for the kids. During the middle part of pregnancy I felt much better so we were pretty much back to a normal routine. Then by about week 36 I was losing steam and we took a break again. Usually by 2 weeks after baby was born I was ready to get back to our normal routine of homeschooling. I also had the older kids help with chores and making breakfast and lunch. I had the oldest in charge of making breakfast for everyone...e
  8. Great idea! I think I will pull out my good china. Since there will only be six of us I will have enough place settings. Susan in TX
  9. I use Fexofenadine Hydrochloride. Susan in TX
  10. For my reluctant readers I had to use a formal reading curriculum like Christian Light. For a couple of them I used Sonlight. They wouldn't just read on their own and I needed the accountability of a curriculum. Having a curriculum to follow just made it easier to make sure they were reading something. For my other kids who liked reading I just needed to take them to the library and keep them supplied with books. Susan in TX
  11. We used to attend a Mennonite church and they believed that Christians should not vote or hold public office. I found a succinct explanation of why here https://www.cgg.org/index.cfm/library/weekly/id/95/why-we-do-not-vote.htm This page is not associated with Mennonites but their argument for why Christians shouldn't vote or be involved in politics is similar. Susan in TX
  12. Some of my kids are sensitive to artificial colors especially red 40. One of my sons is sensitive to annatto. If he eats anything with annatto his anxiety spikes and he will be prone to crying and tantrums. So I would watch what he is eating and see if you notice anything that might be triggering his behavior. One of my girls was very whiny and emotional when she was three. I got the idea to set up a "crying chair" for her. So whenever she started crying about something, I would gently and matter-of-factly tell her that she needed to go sit in her crying chair until she was done crying. T
  13. God never promised us an easy life. Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin came into the world we live in an imperfect world. No one has perfect kids. No one is a perfect parent. You are the right Mom for them because YOU are their Mom. But get help for their issues. Don't just accept it. There are things you can do to make life easier for them and for you. And don't accept that you have to do it all yourself. Susan in TX
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