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  1. Please do not judge yourself based on your children not obeying the first time. This is an unrealistic expectation. The only people I know who have achieved this with their children have done so at great cost. My children do not obey the first time. And from what I have seen, I do not want children who do. I do not want to discipline to the point of abuse to achieve that goal. I do not want my children to be afraid of me. I want them to grow up and not be afraid to question authority. My children are children, not robots. I do not have perfectly behaved children. That does not mean I have failed as a mother. I have not failed because my children are people. I care more about them as persons and about my relationship with them than I care about some unreachable standard of parenting. Susan in TX
  2. This study says "on average, whooping cough immunity lasts at least 30 years and perhaps as long as 70 years after natural infection". It s my understanding that if you get whooping cough you will have life-long immunity. Susan in TX
  3. I don't do spelling as a separate subject until the child can read fluently, which is usually 3rd grade. Before then we do a phonics program. I use Rod and Staff. Since your daughter isn't on grade level for reading, I would start her off with a solid phonics based reading curriculum and not worry about spelling right now. Susan in TX
  4. Adults and older children who get whooping cough do not usually get the classic cough with the whooping sound. Often adults (and older children) won't even feel that sick. They just have a nagging cough that just will not go away. Susan in TX
  5. My focus for 3rd grade language arts is reading, spelling, and penmanship. Grammar is simply not necessary for 3rd grade. I start English Grammar in 4th grade and start my kids in 4th grade Rod and Staff. There is nothing taught in 3rd grade grammar that won't be covered again in 4th. Susan in TX
  6. This. A long time ago I banished the word "should" from my life. I decided that "should" is not a good enough reason to do anything and if I cannot think of a better reason to do something then I am not going to do it. I think this has saved me from burnout. Often the reason people burn out is because they are trying to meet goals and live up to expectations that are not their own. Susan in TX
  7. I wouldn't do either one. Do phonemic awareness pre-reading skills with the kindergartener and for the 9 year old start Rod and Staff English 4th grade either in 5th or 6th grade. I would not use any other writing program before 7th grade. Susan in TX
  8. For some of my kids who were avid readers, just letting them read good books was enough. But a few of my kids really struggled with learning to read and they needed the support of a reading program to learn vocabulary and to have reading that gradually increased in difficulty. They also resisted reading and pretty much refused to do any reading that I didn't make them do, so having a reading program helped me make sure that they were reading. I do like CLE reading. It doesn't take a lot of time and does a good job of teaching vocabulary and literary terms. Some people don't care for the stories but my kids liked them. The other nice thing about CLE is that starting in 4th grade the reading is only takes half the year so there is plenty of time for reading good books. Susan in TX
  9. I prefer CLE for third grade. I like the workbook format and find it easier to implement with younger students. It is easier to teach than Rod and Staff because the workbook is written to the student and designed to be used independently. CLE also covers more than just grammar. I also like Rod and Staff and I prefer it for the upper grades. But I don't start using it until 4th grade. I have found that one can easily skip Rod and Staff 3rd grade and start in 4th with the 4th grade book. Susan in TX
  10. We use Soaring with Spelling. I tried a lot of spelling curriculum with my son who is on the autism spectrum. He really struggled with spelling and with schoolwork in general. This worked for him. (But the thing that really improved his spelling was when he got a phone and started texting. ? ) Susan in TX
  11. I agree. And when I said consequences that was probably not the right word to use. I don't mean being punitive. But there needs to be something to encourage the child to do their work. If the child lacks self-motivation then the parent/teacher needs to find a way to motivate the child. If there is an underlying problem such as ADHD then other support needs to be given as well. Susan in TX
  12. I think what you have is a discipline issue. You need to be more disciplined about checking her work and making sure she gets it done. She needs consequences for not getting the work done in a reasonable time, saying it is all done when it isn't, and dragging her heels in the mornings. I would start by streamlining the work that you are asking her to do. Drop all non-essential subjects. I would focus on Math and Language Arts. Focus on getting those things done and checked every day. After you are consistently getting that done add in science and history. Give each subject a set block of time. For example school starts at 10am. Math is from 10am to 11am, writing is from 11am to noon etc. Set a timer. Check her work at the end of the time for that subject. If the work is not complete in the set amount of time then she gets some sort of consequence. Susan in TX
  13. Yes. My older kids all went to public school. Two started in 8th grade, one in 10th, and the others in 9th grade. I am currently homeschooling my 8th child for high school and she does do some subjects independently (math with Teaching Textbooks, Biology with Apologia, and history) but she is also taking classes at a homeschool co-op. Susan in TX
  14. I have always had my children work as independently as possible. I choose curriculum that facilitates independent learning. I spent the most time hands on teaching in 1st/2nd grade, but in my experience once a child can read independently, they can do their schoolwork independently. I give them their assignments and I check their work and help with anything they don't understand. I am there to make sure they keep on task but I don't hover. I have successfully graduated 7 children from homeschooling to public middle school or high school. They all did well. Three of them are in college, four have graduated and have careers they love. I do not think that self-education is an inferior way to learn. Susan in TX
  15. Gift giving is about the giver. Thoughtful people try to give something the other person would like but it is really all about what the giver wants to give. Demanding that the giver not give too many gifts, or certain kinds of gifts is controlling and rude. You either accept the gift or you can outright refuse it but it is not the place of the person receiving a gift to tell the gift giver what to give or put conditions or other demands on the giver. Once the giver gives the gift, it belongs to the receiver and the giver should not try to control what the receiver does with the gift or put conditions on the receipt of the gift. That is controlling and rude. So I would not tell the Grandparents what the kids want unless they ask. I would not expect them to get what is asked for. I would thank them for whatever gifts they give and have the children thank them. Then I would do whatever I wanted with the gifts. If the gifts belong to the children then I would let them decide what they want to do with them. If the grandparents choose to be upset about what you or the children choose to do with the gifts, that is their problem. Susan in TX
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