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  1. This might be because of anxiety rather than not wanting to work hard. It may be that he is a bit of a perfectionist or otherwise has some performance anxiety. Susan in TX
  2. My point was about the risk of overwhelming hospitals. Specifically: "In a town where a large portion of a younger demographic is infected, there will be a less overwhelmed hospital." Based on our local hospitalization statistics I think that there is still a risk of overwhelming hospitals even with a younger demographic. In Dallas County so far we have had 1,113 hospitalizations. Of those 738 were under age 65. Susan in TX
  3. The thing is that it is not just those in the high risk demographic that are needing hospitalization. In my county 66% of those hospitalized were under age 65 and half did not have any chronic heath conditions that would put them in the high risk category. Susan in TX
  4. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO, Apple TV, Smithsonian, and PBS
  5. I am in Dallas County and we had 179 new cases today, which is the most we have had in one day so far, so I will not be going anywhere. Susan in TX
  6. It is very normal for children to be able to read words but not be able to spell them. The fact that she is reading so well is great. For most kids spelling ability naturally improves over time. I have always waited until 3rd grade to begin a formal spelling curriculum. If you want to use a program with her, I really like Spelling You See. I started using it with my son who is 8 and a struggling reader. It is very gentle and only takes about ten minutes a day. It is a very different approach from other spelling curriculum. Susan in TX
  7. I miss having a quiet house and I miss my kids being able to go outside and play with the other kids in the neighborhood. I don't miss driving or the school pick-up line. Susan in TX
  8. My dh sings in the Dallas Opera Chorus. They have a show coming up next week. I guess this means it will be canceled. Things just got really serious here. Susan in TX
  9. As a homeschooler the requirements to graduate are whatever you want them to be. My son struggled with academics both in homeschool and public school. I simply graduated him when he turned 18. Up until that point I met him where he was at and I did the best I could. Susan in TX
  10. A case in India in a person who visited Austin TX. (But of course we know he couldn't have gotten it in Austin). Susan in TX
  11. And now that mall is closed for deep cleaning Susan in TX
  12. Her mother might not have it now but everyone in that facility has been exposed. The entire facility should be under strict quarantine. And anyone who has been in the facility should also be quarantined. It is things like this that make me very pessimistic about our ability to stop this virus in the US. Susan in TX
  13. I'm in the Dallas area and I just got back from Costco. It was very busy and lots of people were buying bottled water. They sold out of the Kirkland brand bottled water and the rest was running low. There was no rubbing alcohol. Susan in TX
  14. "The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department says it is an adult woman who is a household contact of the third Santa Clara County case that was reported Friday." Susan in TX
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