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Momma Rabbit

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I am wanting to play some math games with my son to practice more on his addition facts. We have been using math u see alpha & I really like it a lot, but there is no way he will want to do more seatwork. Does anyone have suggestions?


Do you have the MUS songbook and CD?


We did learning wrap-ups with alpha. Also, "jumping math" where I pick a set of facts (+9, for ex.) and he jumps off something for every answer.

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Yep, I can :). Are you looking for facts drill mainly, or something more conceptual?


Drill, all four operations - Math Evolve, Math Bingo

More conceptual - Adding Apples, Subtracting Sardines, Multiplying Acorns


If you need counting/simple numeracy apps - Pirate Dano and the Numbers, Numberland are both really good.

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