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Words that strike fear in a mother's heart...

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Ds8 walks in with a very determined look on his face and says "I need a really sharp knife" :001_huh:


me: "for what and no!"


ds8: "to make a knife out of this stick I found...I need to carve it...what you don't trust me, woman?!"


me: "uh, no....and my name is mom :glare: "

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(Overheard from the next room)


"C'mon, lets cut your hair" :001_huh:



Thankfully no real scissors were involved - this time :glare:



Feel free to add your own heart stopping experiences :)


For me it was the strange, sudden, eerie quiet spells that sent me searching for the problem :D. In my house noise is good. If I could hear them, they were fine.

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[Don't come in the kitchen! I'm not doing anything


:lol: I've heard that a few times too



Sometimes words aren't the only thing that give me palpatations - a room with a closed door and total silence when I know there is a kid in there sets me to panic as well :lol:

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