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Venus Fly Traps--Fun or Flop?

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We had one for awhile - if I remember correctly, they like humid conditions, and we live where it's really dry, so that was strike one. They like going dormant at some point during the year (and that may have been when it died), and you can't really feed it a lot so it's not quite as exciting as it sounds. This was a number of years ago, so my kids were quite a bit younger, but I do remember that the plant didn't survive.

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Flop here. I think there wasn't enough "action" for my boys. They kept wanting to feed it. Sometimes that didn't work out--the bug wasn't heavy or active enough to trigger a response from the plant. Not sure if we had the right conditions; I just remember it didn't last long.


ETA: Even though it flopped it was a fun experience and worth the few dollars we spent.

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If your dd is patient and watchful, then it's great. You can touch it gently and watch the mouths close, but that takes energy from the plant and you can kill it by doing it too frequently. Overfeeding it will kill it too. You really have to let it do its own thing.


You can make a little terrarium for it if the weather is too dry where you live. It's super easy - just google it.


Our lasted a year and the kids loved watching it eat. We put the corm (?) into the fridge when the plant went dormant, but forgot to take it out again.

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DS adores carnivores plants so I buy him a new one every few months. I am slowly starting to get them to live longer and longer.

A few things I have learned:

They like a sunny window location

Water from below when the pot feels dry/light

Water only with distilled water, not tap water


We have had our current venus fly trap for two months and our sundew about a month. Both are still looking good. (Just jinxed us, I'm sure!)

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Ours is still going strong 1.5 years later. It needs distilled water. My dd takes great pride in taking care of it. When we went away for a week, she had a neighbor friend care for it, and the neighbor friend read all about how to care for it before taking it!

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