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Dr. Hive: Sports doctor? orthopedic? acupuncture?

Where should I go?  

  1. 1. Where should I go?

    • Orthopedist
    • Sports medicine
    • Acupunture
    • I'm open to any other suggestion. Please.

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I have a bad elbow. :glare: I didn't injure it...this time; last time I hurt it when I was fencing. That attack posture with the arm outstretched was just apparently more than I could handle. So back then, I went to therapy, and I was given some very simple exercises which helped immediately.


It's my right elbow, so it *could* be from using the computer mouse...and all that time spent playing Bejewelled Blitz. :D But because I've had problems with that elbow before, and because I tend to have joint pain anyway, I don't think that's the *cause.*


The exercises I did before are not helping now. My doctor recommends icing and ibuprofen. :glare:


So now I'm finally ready to go somewhere. Do I want an orthopedist? sports medicine? or maybe acupuncture?

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I voted "sports medicine," because my 14 yo gymnast with a severely, and I mean "in-a-cast-4-weeks-out-of-training-12-weeks-season ending," elbow sprain, is seeing the sports medicine doctor, who is an orthopedist.


Yours probably isn't as bad as hers, but a good sports medicine doctor is worth his weight in gold.



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