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I want a GOOD flashlight

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can some one here direct me to a good flashlight that doesn't die before the batteries die? I would prefer one WITHOUT an LED light, but I don't even know if that is possible anymore...and I would prefer one that uses either C or D cell batteries....the little ones just don't last long enough in my expereince...so unless you know differently from a different flashlight...I use it everynight to check on the kids before bed and during the night if I need to attend to someone in bed...my flashlight is VERY important to me.





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Hmm we don't use ours that much, but the led ones we do have I really like because they are really bright.

my mom got them for us at Home Depot. She got the pack of about 8 and everyone got a couple.


I think they sell some that are rechargeable so you could plug it in every day and use it.

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Well...if money is no object...and you REALLY want a dependable flashlight that is considered the cadlillac of flashlights, many policemen buy this one: http://www.basspro.com/SureFire-E2D-LED-Defender-Flashlight/product/102002/140755


However, it is LED. If you aren't looking to spend that much, look around on that site and you will find several very dependable flashlights. This time of year you will find several retailers selling the cheap multi packs of small flashlights usually in multi colors. Frankly, I love those and keep them all around the house. I've been amazed how long the batteries last but you might not have the same experience.

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Pelican lights are incredible. I still have the one that my FIL gave me for using as an engineering division officer in the Navy. It's almost 20 years old and is still on the original bulb.


I once dropped mine while climbing down a 3-4 story ladder into a fuel tank. It hit bottom, bounced and stayed lit. I love these lights.


FIL has used them in his fire department for over 20 years. We gave them as gifts to our groomsmen. DH used his on his ship and in his volunteer fire department. We ordered two as Christmas gifts for our older sons, who keep stealing ours to take on campouts.


In my mind, there isn't a better light. My model is a Super SabreLite Submersible.


(Yep, I never join in vacuum or food processor threads, but ask me about my flashlight and you'll get an earful.)

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