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What do you do when your patience is just completely GONE?

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I've been finding lately my patience is gone. With the kids, with schoolwork, with email, with the boards, with the news, with people in general. I snap at a moment's notice, and I can't seem to brush off little annoyances (or even everyday things). It's like all my nerves are on high alert or something!


I can't take my usual supplements because they're giving me stomach pains. I can't drink coffee because it gives me heartburn. Even if I get some time to myself, the general level of annoyance returns the moment I walk back in the door.


What is this, and why can't I shake it? Gah!



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Coffee: Try a little cardamom (what fits on the tip of a knife) in your coffee and see if the pain goes away.


I'd take a break from all media! The recent news from Penn State, the economy, the presidential election, etc., are all :tongue_smilie:

Take your favorite book or cook your favorite meal or bake and tell the kids to pick a book for the day and just read.

Relax, take a walk.


Cut out media for a whole week and see if things get better.

You can throw rotten eggs at me, I can't smell them so I won't mind! :lol:

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Irritability can be a symptom of anxiety or depression. Anxiety can be a symptom of depression, so it might be worth talking to your doctor. If it's at all possible to get in a 30 minute workout where you really break a sweat, that can help as much as some drugs, depending on your needs. Endorphins are a wonderful thing.

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Honestly? Cry.


I find a book or movie that makes me sob...not pretty little tears, but chest heaving, snot running, gasping for air kinda crying.


For me, it works as a pressure release valve.


If that's not possible (b/c it does require being left alone for a time) going out for a coffee or just out helps. Wolf is always more than willing for me to go out with SpecialMama, plus Diva is old enough now to mind the Littles for an hour (before baby was born) so Wolf and I could scoot out alone on a quickie date.

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I had a really grumpy week about a year ago. I was mad at the world, but perplexed too, because I couldn't understand why I was upset. I didn't want to take out my mood on anyone else, so I got really quiet. Even DH was starting to worry. Then I snapped out of it, all of a sudden. I think it was hormones. I'm a little on the young side to be entering perimenopause, but I've had other perimenopausey symptoms too, so it wasn't a shock. Since then I've had a few irritable days, but nothing so bad as that week.


If it hadn't gone away on it's own, I'd have started by evaluating my lifestyle. I'd include my sleep, my activity level, my diet, my relationships, and my leisure time. Where could I make adjustments? If spending a month or so focusing on lifestyle didn't make enough difference, I'd talk to a trusted physician.


If coffee bothers your stomach, consider cold brewing it. Cold brewing cuts down on acid content.


Good luck!

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