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Latin/classical exams - are they worth taking?

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Are any of these exams worth taking? Has your student benefitted from taking one or more of them? Do they help with scholarships, look good on transcripts, etc. The online latin class my dd is in is offering them for $3 each and I don't want to miss an opportunity, but my dd is VERY practical and does not want to take them for the sole purpose of a personal challenge or simply seeing how she stacks up to others. :tongue_smilie:


Thanks for your help.



Online National Classical Etymology Exam


National Latin Exam


Medusa Mythology Exam


Online National Roman Civilization Exam

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I can't tell you how much the tests actually will count in the long run....but right now my high school senior is interviewing at colleges and every admissions counselor commented on the NLE and Medusa Exams positively & wanted my son to talk about them....so.....



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Preparing for the NLE really forces my daughter to study and consolidate the information she's been learning in her online class. She also has to re-familiarize herself with Latin history. (She reads through Guerber's Story of the Romans, which is wonderful.) Face it, she doesn't get many other chances to use her Latin knowledge outside of class, so this is good for her.


Her NLE scores are always very high, which hopefully will impress some admissions officer in a few years. Taking the NLE is always a win-win situation for her.

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The elite private schools here (i.e. $15,000+/year) offer it, and we were very pleased with the results last year. The medals/certificates are very nice, and it carries a lot of clout.


They make it easy to administer at home, or you go with a group. I administered it through a local group, and found it to be very easy to do. I charged enough to cover my expenses, my kid's exams, and a made a little profit for me.

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The NLE offers opportunities beyond bragging rights. Check out their web page.


At least 2 dcs of WTMommies have received renewable scholarships, too.




Yes. Scholarship opportunities and it looks good on transcripts. My daughter has done this the last 3 years. She is in high school now and I even took her out last year to take this test, but then languages are very important to her.

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