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Do you know what time it is?

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For anyone who hasn't seen it, Flight of the Conchords has a self-titled HBO series available on DVD. Hilarious stuff.

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And I know how you can tell it's business time. He is wearing his business socks, right?


(I swear, we are married to the SAME man. This is dh's absolutely favorite video. He has it on his ipod, too.)


Happy Birthday, Kevin!


:lol: First I have to sort the recycling.

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Today is my husband's birthday and it's Wednesday! ;)



He is starting already. Lord, help me!:rofl:




Rats!! I knew I should have gone to that Team Building exercise! :lol:



Have you seen

? Note: It's a tad more...erm...wacky than Business Time, but it totally cracks me up!
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