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Can you still use the oven...

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I would say no because the glass keeps the heat from escaping. I seriously doubt your food would get cooked in a normal amount of time. Plus someone could get burned that way. It isn't safe to operate an oven without the glass. If you have a microwave, use it until you get it fixed.

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You may price just an oven door. When we were appliance shopping we wanted to buy a floor model oven to get a good discount. The only problem was that the door was black and we wanted a white door. The sales man just walked over to another oven, lifted the door off, switched it with another, and that was that. Very, very simple. That was 16 years ago, so maybe things are not so easy now, but if it is....you may be able to get a good deal on just a door.


Try a used appliance center or even an appliance recycler to see about a second hand door.

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Thanks hive! I will check out the options.

It is just the front exterior glass not the window.

We just bought our house in Aug. It came with the house. We have an appliance insurance but it costs $100 to have someone come out. But if we could replace the door for cheaper that would be best.

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