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  1. Required a Bachelors degree, it is a part time job that could lead to more responsibilites and full time. If you know someone that works from home, in a similar type job, what do they make?
  2. It was recommended to try & add it to an “Additional Information†area since I have other jobs on my resume to fill it in. I was thinking that I could say something about the homeschool co-op that we were members of since 2004. If you have homeschooling on your resume, how did you word it? Thanks.
  3. I oringally went to school for Hospitality Management with an emphasis in food service. I have a BS. Worked for about a year before staying home and haven’t looked back. But now thinking ahead....Over the years I have helped my husband run a painting business, ran an 80+ homeschool co-op for about 6 years and now work part time in merchandising. I would prefer a job where I don’t work weekends, I feel I am good at administration, communicating with people, management in general. There is a Business & Professional Exchange networking group that I think I want to join in about 8 months. I actually don’t plan to go back to work until after next May, but don’t want to wait until then to start searching. Maybe get involved with this group in a year, but just thinking ahead now. If something came up that I could work part time at home and part time in an office, I would jump on it, so there is that thought as well, On the form, it wants a Title and Description, I have no idea what to put on that? Any suggestions? How did you figure out what you wanted to do? Are you in a field that you were in before staying home? Really I feel I could do about anything, it’s more proving myself and getting there and figuring out what I am worth.
  4. I loved it and saw it twice. Will buy it on dvd as well. Bought the soundtrack as well.
  5. It’s been a while since we flew & last time we had checked bags. This time we’re taking carry ons. I have a few meds that I take, is it best to put them in a daily divider, or just leave in their own bottles. I also want to take activated charcoal, just in case. Thanks.
  6. I need to order our own graduation supplies (in the past it was a group order) I would like it to be as inexpensive as possible, I only need a tassle, cap & diploma cover. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kristine
  7. Our son graduates this year and I’ve already been working on lists & thinking about things. Walmart needs to get it together and get their announcements updated, most are still for 2017 yet, at least the one I want to use is.
  8. If I want a mixed drink out and it's not really some place that has a menu, I'll order a long island ice tea or gin & tonic. We make them at home too.
  9. My menstrual cup hasbeen my best purchase ever & I think I learned about it here??
  10. Remember they have until Jan 31st to supply documents, so they may still??
  11. Walmart.com has where you use a nice photo(ex graduation or wedding) & it says “thanks†or “thank you†etc. the one we got from a friend where we gave a gift was an odd shaped envelope, a photo with the bride & groom holding a homemade thank you sign and it was just a regular photo they had printed. It was the first I’d ever seen that & that was last fall. I just noticed the others when I started working on graduation announcements yesterday & saw it was a “thingâ€
  12. We received one as a wedding thank you & working on graduation stuff for my senior, I noticed they have them for a graduation thank you’s as well. Just wondering what everyone thought of these. They are a lot simpler, but is it just an easy way out? It’s better than not sending a thank you at all… Just wondering what y’all thought.
  13. It’s the side of my hip, not quite joint pain. I have to lay on a heating pad to get a little relief & ibuprofen dulls the pain. It’s only at the beginning of my period & then is fine a day into it. I did not connect the two at first, just was contributing it to working on concrete.
  14. I was on BCP's before I got pregnant with dc, (youngest is 16) and I had a IUD from the time he was born to 10 years old and then had a tubal. The last year or so I've had terrible hip pain and was thinking it was due to working on concrete and needing new shoes, but then I realized the last few months that it's actually right when my period is starting and after doing some research, I think it's endo. I plan to call our free clinic that we have access to for government employees, as I'm not due for a Gyno until this summer and I can get some free prescriptions and have used the clinic for other stuff as well. I really don't want to have a laparoscopy yet, mainly because of timing and the money we'd have to pay out, I would rather wait a year or two until my kids are all through school if I could. Any suggestions or btdt people? Thanks, Kristine
  15. They both work and that takes up their extra time, so volunteering isn't likely, they do help with projects at our church, so I consider that volunteering.
  16. He'd still rather they finish, but if I over look the deadline, there's nothing he could do. The 18 year old drives now and could take them, or they really could just forgo the meetings and at least complete one project.
  17. They do, but you have to be extremely involved to even be considered, and the involvement needs to be all ten years.
  18. All they have to do is complete one project to be considered completed.
  19. Thanks, actually I wanted them to quit years ago, but dh insisted they complete, yet he wasn’t doing anything to make sure they made it to meetings or completed things.
  20. I have an 18 yo, will be 10 year member, 16 yo, 9 year member. Enrollment is due by Monday. Dh has always said they should complete the 10 years, but if I “forget to enroll†wouldn’t make a big deal or probably even notice. They’re not active in the club & don’t even attend the required amount of meetings any more for champion. They do 1 easy project just to get done. They’d rather not join tbh. I was a 10 year member showing livestock & loved it. But now it’s just something that no one really enjoys. But they’re so close to completing that I don’t know what to do. My boys really aren’t involved in anything else aside from working & church, but to me 4-H on their record just doesn’t weigh much. So what should we do? Have them complete the 10 years or save our $15 each enrollment fee. 😜 wwyd?
  21. I do, I love it & think it feels wonderful. Does it help? I dunno, but I found a brand new one at Goodwill for $5, so I wasn’t out much. I see them all the time at GW. I work with books & magazines in my pt job & my hands get extremely dry. It’s very relaxing as well. Gulf wax from the grocery store is cheaper & works the same.
  22. I would & I think you’ll get more negative answers in this group, not sure why just so many seem against it.
  23. I do the unstuffed version, my family has never had them rolled.
  24. He's all done and has been icing and resting. Thanks for the reassurance.
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