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Have you, or will you do something special for MLK Jr. day?

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Watching the Disney movie, "Selma, Lord, Selma". MLK is in the movie.


Also, in the next week or so we'll watch the Disney movie, "Ruby Bridges".


Sunday we watched an educational DVD on Civil Rights. I think it was a Schelssinger video.


Read a couple of books.


Downloaded the "I Have A Dream" speech and some civil rights songs ("Oh, Freedom", "Blowin' in the Wind", "We Have Overcome", etc.) and will have them listen at bedtime. Found them all free.

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While there were tons of MLK events going on today (we live near DC), we spent a lot of our day in the car getting dh from the airport. Some genius decided today would be a good day to repaint the lines on the Beltway, closing 2 of the 4 lanes and backing traffic up for miles. :glare: We will learn about MLK, but not today.

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We watched youtube of the I had a dream speech and talked about it...ok we talked about it as much as we could with the littler ones fighting and such.


It's a start, I figure they'll get many more years of MLK day. I did love it when my 8yo said, "Why were people so mean to black people? Who does that?" It really opened up the conversation and made us think about how we (as a nation) can be sooo wrong.


Then we had Chex mix and I had to sing the abc's with the 3 yo.



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In fact, thanks for the reminder :) We just finished talking about it a little bit, reading the speech together in its entirety online, and then making the "peace dove" craft I mentioned in my last post, from enchanted learning. It was quick and easy and my daughter enjoyed making it.

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