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  1. Stem reads and surprise ride are 2 others Sent from my KIW-L24 using Tapatalk
  2. Any thoughts on this? I'm at that point of rethinking everything and am considering switching my 11th grader to this instead of the SWB Ancient world book
  3. WOW! that one is half the price and i love that we can try it out first!!
  4. Thanks! he's 17. i think i'll probably go with the master class even though its a tad pricey.
  5. does anyone know of a curriculum that focuses on anatomical drawing?
  6. NO, I'm glad to know about FBA as well. Particularly since I am having trouble finding books that qualify under trade in :)
  7. Nope! I was thinking of trade in, though I didn't know there was a difference😜 Thanks so much everyone!!
  8. So how has this worked for you? I'm speaking of the kind of selling where you pack a bunch of books up and send them to Amazon to sell.
  9. Dick blick for art supplies, if you'd like more science academyofscienceforkids.com has some really cool looking kits!
  10. If you have LOTS of money to spend http://www.academyofscienceforkids.com
  11. Depending on developmental level, MBTP 4-5 might be perfect. It might be too easy though. It comes with a whole trunk full of crafts
  12. Exactly! We're doing ancients next year but I think I need to find fun topics to study till then or else he's going to grow up hating HS :(
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