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DD got a Secret Santa stocking

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This morning when she went out to play, DD found a stocking sitting on the front porch. Her name was painted on it and it was hand decorated. I'm maybe a little annoyed because overall it had better stuff than the stocking from Santa sitting waiting for her to get into when her stepbrothers get up...at least she seems very pleased with it.


She went out to try and find out who it was from. She suspected her playmate D's teenaged sisters, whom she saw running somewhere in their pajamas a little while ago. But when she went and asked his mom denied it and said it must be from Santa.


So I explained the concept of a Secret Santa, and I think she's content for now with it being a mystery. It was certainly a very nice gesture, and given how close we came to me NOT being able to afford stocking stuffers at all, doubly so.

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We have had a nice neighborhood exchange in my little cul-de-sac, something I've never had in my entire life, and it has thrilled my son to all git-out (as his dad puts it).


Let's see: I made James Beard's Raw Apple Bread for everyone, and got a plate of cookies, some bacclava, a cheery-pineapple cobbler, a homemade evergreen centerpeice, some fancy chocolate, and a bottle of wine. I think I like my new neighborhood. :001_smile:

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