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How many days / hours a week do you do the following subjects ?


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We generally do science two days a week, but since we're in the middle of a project, this week is going to be a 5-day science week. When we do science it's 30 minutes to an hour.


We do history three days a week, though the days that it takes place on varies. 20-45 minutes.


Art is once a week (art class), but sometimes more. The class is half an hour, followed by an hour or more of kids playing.


Geography we don't do as a separate subject.


My children are 3, 5, 7, and 10.

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I have no clue how much time my 12th grader spends on anything. Her time is up to her. She's taking 4 classes at the cc as a dual credit student and doing one class at home with Thinkwell.


I only know how much time a few of my 10th grader's subjects take. She spends 45 minutes daily on Algebra II, 30 minutes daily on Visual Link Spanish (about to finish level 1 and start level 2), and 20 minutes daily on piano. She has two 1.5 hour classes for physics each week and spends 1-2 hours on the homework after each class (doing the problems and pre-reading the material for the next class). I have no idea how long English or history take her each day.


The 7th grader is easier because she does almost everything with me. She spends 35 minutes daily on math, 20-30 minutes 3-5x/week on history, 20-30 minutes 2-4x/week on English, 30 minutes daily on reading, 1 hour weekly sewing, 20 minutes daily plus one hour weekly on guitar, not sure about science because we're changing that up. She also has a writing project that she works on almost daily that takes 20-30 minutes each day.


ETA: I forgot that the 7th grader also has a readaloud every day that's 20-30 minutes.

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How many days / hours a week do you do science, history, art and geography and what grade / age are your kids?


Science 2-10 hours per week (lots of hands on)

History 2 hours a week of serious stuff. Extra fun things if he likes it (like the da Vinci kit)

art: 30 minutes of review of artists or famous pieces, 30 minutes directed hands on, probably another hour of him doing free drawing

geography--I am a geographer's daughter and I integrate it into everything. I have a wall map and every darn place mentioned, we locate. Kiddo is of the age where he loves leaping up and bolting into the hall and trying to find a place. Nothing formal yet beyond a few workbook pages on map reading. It is a big part of our memory work.


Kiddo is 8, we do school about 340 days a year.

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How many days / hours a week do you do science, history, art and geography and what grade / age are your kids?


I am failing miserably in science right now, we're supposed to be doing a really nice microscope unit. I haven't touched it in almost 3 weeks. :eek:

We moved this month, so I'm hoping it's the craziness of that and not that I'm a flake. :D

My younger goes to a science class once a week.

I include nature studies in science, that's disappeared as well.

Normally it's done 3 days a week.


History is done 4 days a week.

I've broken SOTW up so it's painless, but we read books for history so that adds on time as well. Right now we're reading Gilgamesh, one chapter a day.


Art is averaging 2 days a week.

I've given up on art curriculum for this year. So, art for us is museums, Waldorf style art and crafts (felting, sewing etc), drawing with help from books and dvds in a drawing journal, etc.


Geography is done around 3 days a week.

We're doing Beautiful Feet Geog. I love it! It allows me to complete one full lesson a day, or only work through some of the work list, you can stop anywhere.


My girls are 9 and 11.

I'm not the kind of person who knows how many minutes or hours we spend on a subject. Both my kids and myself have physical limitations, and I have to be very flexible in how much, how long. Sometimes we're steady and solid, sometimes we totally drop the ball. For the most part we're consistent with a little of everything.


Now, I'm curious how others are doing. :001_smile:

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How many days / hours a week do you do science, history, art and geography and what grade / age are your kids?


Science- usually two days a week.


History- usually two to three days a week. (Plus vocabulary assignments on other days come from social studies reading, and our reading material -the books we read together on a daily basis- revolve around our history subjects most of the time).


Geography - integrated with history (plus once a week we do a review of the state capitals).


art- last year we did a formal art program built into our curriculum and did it like 2 X a week; this year it's less formal and revolves around handicrafts incorporated into our social studies curriculum and it's just kind of periodic, no set number of days a week or anything. (Plus in the summer she goes to a two week art camp of some time, as well as makes use of arts and crafts supplies on her own).


She's in 5th grade. Last year for 4th was similar. Oh, and amount of time we spend on the subject varies, it depends what we're doing.

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Science - I try for 3 days/wk since my boys love it so much, but more often than not it's 2x/wk for 60-90 min ea.


History - 3x/wk with some related chapter books taking all week (I usually RA in the mornings or at lunch if we're doing that). I shoot for an hour ea. of those 3 days but find it hard to stay within that.


Art is currently 2x/wk for formal school lessons. One is an outside art class (1 day/wk for 2 hrs) & the other is Atelier (about 30 min). Aside from that, they spend some time drawing & creating things on their own b/c the art cabinet is free game for everyone. Not as much as I'd like them to, though. I want to integrate more art into other subjects.


Geography - currently only what it tied into our history, pretty much SOTW-style; find places on maps & the globe, then mark or color a map. A study of ea. U.S. state is upcoming in our history this year, though. Hope to get something more going at least 1x/wk; something w/ more functional geography (landforms and such).


This is for my boys, 2nd grade 7yo & 4th grade 9 yo.

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1st and 4th grader here.


Science~daily about 15 min? We've gone to mostly reading and nature study. They are reading theseMy 1st grader can click the audio and read along. It's not perfect but this is what they liked and at least it gets done.


History~daily 20 or so minutes. That doesn't include read aloud time.


Geography~only what happens to go along with history or a story


Art~maybe once a week. I need to be better about it but I don't really like it.

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I'll share only my 10 yo as he's the closest in age to your kids.


Science - this is the first year we've done anything formal with him. We do about 20 minutes/day plus experiments on the weekend.


History We use Sonlight. So, our lit and history are tied together. We spend about 1.5 hours/day 4x/week.


Geography 10 minutes/day, 4x/week. We're just memorizing right now.


Art Is this awful? We don't do it. He doesn't like it. We'll start art history next year.

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I have a 6 and 7 yr. old.


We do


Language/Reading/Spelling- 4 days a week/ 30-60 mins. per day

Math - 4 days a week/ 30-60 mins. per day

History/Geography- 2 days a week/45-60 mins. per day

French- 2 days a week/ 30-45 mins. per day

Science- 3 days a week/ 45-60 mins. per day

Health- 1 day a week/ 45-60 mins. per day

Music- 1 day a week/ 30-45 mins. per day

Art- 1 day a week/ 45-60 mins. per day


That is the basic schedule. Sometimes things are a little different. For art, the one day a week is what I actually do a lesson plan for. We do other art projects that I don't count as school. Music is similar- we do musical things that I don't count as part of school.


Starting in January, they will also be taking a homeschool theatre class one day a week for 90 mins. and ds1 will take karate and ds2 will take a dance/tumbling class.

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I have a seventh grader; 12 years old.


We try to do science on T,R from 1:30-3:30. We also have a lot of outside activities that cut into that. I can make some of it up other times, such as Fridays when we don't have field trips. All in all, I'd say that we're getting in a good 3 hours of science time per week. Some weeks, we have science related field trips on Fridays that can average from an hour to half a day (sometimes an entire day).


History/literature is scheduled on M,W,F from 1:30-3:30. Again, we can get derailed by outside activities, but I'd say we're getting in a sold 5 hours a week in history and lit (maybe more if we count the lit time done separately).


For art, my son took two six week art classes (90 minutes, once per week) during fall semester. We did some additional art activities at home when we had time. He participated in a little drama class that put on a skit at the end of the semester. It was one hour, weekly, for about 12 weeks. We attend plays throughout the school year (generally about an hour or two, once or twice a month).


He does some geography work each morning, generally a page out of a map skills or other sort of geography workbook that takes about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it can take up to about 20 minutes, with longer assignments on some days. We also work in SOTW and MapTrek map work that goes along with his history studies and we do this wherever time permits. I'd guess that he's spending another hour, total, on this per week, at various times.

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How many days / hours a week do you do science, history, art and geography and what grade / age are your kids?


We don't have a set schedule. Sometimes we may have a week with a lot of a subject and then not do it for awhile, but if I break it down on average it would look like:


1st and 3rd grader


Science - 2x week for 60 minutes each time

History - 2x week for 60 minutes each time

Geography - 2x week for 60 minutes each time

Art - 30-45 minutes a week (art appreciation) for 3rd grader and 35 min 2x week for 1st grader (art appreciation and free art time)

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We use SL and spend about an hour doing History, science readings, bible and literature. We do science experiments on weekends and the time for that can vary greatly -- from 10 minutes to an hour. My kids spend another 1/2 hour reading on their own each day. If we are lucky, we do art once a week and spend about an hour or two on it. For geography, I use http://www.sheppardsoftware.com and have the kids spend about 10 minutes a day on that.


My children are 11 and 9 years old.



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Thanks everyone!


I was trying to do science, history and geography everyday and it was too much so that's why I asked. With field trips I want to take, OT and park day, there just isn't enough time in the week.


I wanted to add in a formal art but between history and geography and some craft stuff he'll want to do with his sister, we will get enough art type stuff in.


I think starting in January we are going to do as follows with our subjects


Math, Spelling, Literature, and Vocabulary - everyday

Grammar - MWF

Writing - Tues / Thurs

Science - Monday / Thurs

History - Tues / Friday

Geography - Wed


Handwriting - one of the reason we are in OT - I'm waiting for his OT before we proceed


I'm also going to add some tot school for DD in 2-3 days a week, not sure where yet. LOL


Thanks everyone for the input.

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