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Chills but no fever?

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I don't know how it relates to everything you've gone through lately, so I can't comment on that, but I will say that it's common for me to get chills- really bad chills- and not have a fever when I'm ill.


I hope it's nothing serious and that you feel better soon. :grouphug: Would a hot water bottle help? I find them comforting, if nothing else.

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This may seem like a stupid question, but... is it cold in your house?


If I've been ill for awhile, I forget that I react to the world around me (as well as the galaxy inside of me).


My thought is, if your circulation is good and you have no fever, then it would seem like the air around you must be low enough to make you feel chilled, but I will do some glancing around the web and see what I can find :D


ETA, in my five seconds of in depth research I can't see anything connecting chills with pericarditis, but low grade fever is...

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Jean -- I hope you are feeling better soon. I get chills (teeth chattering) a few times a week -- I figure it is my thyroid :glare:.


I usually get under a fur coat or throw (I know - but it does work) and it does stop.


Years ago, I would get chills around 'that' time of month. It's a blur now, but I do know that it would happen.:glare:



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Hot tea sounds great :)


I can get a chill on wet days. It seems like the cold/wet air sits right inside my bones. A hot bath fixes me up, but you've been under the weather so I'm not sure how much you'd want to do that.


I wish I could be more help :(




Praying (always helpful)

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