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Thanksgiving Morning Traditions

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When the two older dds were young, I took them into nyc to see the parafde - EVERY YEAR. Then we would go to my parents house for dinner.


Now, with the younger crew, we have a few different things that we have done:


Gone to the outer banks for the week of Thanksgiving -- we LOVE doing this. Some years we have family come down and join us if they can, other years we are there with just us. The first time we EVER took the kids to a movie theater was on an OBX Thanksgiving vacation. We went Thanksgiving afternoon and they saw Polar Express. We got back to our house and had a great dinner. The kids still talk about it 7 years later.


Stayed home and joined friends later in the day for dinner -- everyone cooks and we would bring whatever.


Stayed home and had Whole Foods prepare the meal.


Traveled to NJ to have dinner with family.


Each year it IS something different as we are kind of scattered around. I tell dh that it is important that we are making memories here with our three kids. If his parents choose not to travel and be part of it, that is their decision. It does not lessen the level of celebration or 'specialness' that I choose to have for our family.


OOPS: I see you said 'morning.' Depends on where we are. If we are at the beach, definitely the tradition is to bundle up (or not, depending on the weather) and go down to the beach for a great walk. Kite-flying is usually included. One year it was SO warm, there were folks in the water, and one of the dds actually got wet up to her knees. THAT year, she and I sat on a blanket while dh and the other two flew a kite. She took a nap. I thought it was just one of the NICEST moments I had ever had.

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We used to love to watch the parade, but don't like how it's changed in the last few years.


Even though it's one of my favorite holidays, its one that has the least amount of tradition for us as far as what we do. Whether at home or away, it's a morning to just chill and chat and have the parade on in the background in case someone's interested. Definitely a day full of NO routines or traditions or things that have to be done - just spending it with family.


However, when at my grandmother's....fruit salad must be started by 10:30. every year. lol

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Until recently, our tradition was the Macy's parade, then troop off to Grandma's for dinner. Then - we'd come home and on Friday cook our own full Thanksgiving meal - turkey etc. - so we could have our own leftovers... and to be together as a family for for meal (at Grandma's the kids are sent to the living room to eat away from grown-ups. :glare:). Now everyone comes here (and my kids sit at the table with everyone else!) so Friday is the day all the Christmas stuff goes up.

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We always go to my sister's home. So I am busy getting whatever I'm bringing together and getting us out the door. We want to get there as early as possible to help get it all together there....we always fry the turkeys so the guys do that.


Some years there are over 50+ people. This year it is just our immediate families. So about 14 of us. I'm really looking forward to the smaller crowd.


Oh...and this year I will also be putting together extra to take to the fire station. My dd boyfriend is working that day and I told them we would bring them lunch/supper...lots of food to feed them well. :D

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