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boots...does anyone have the fever for them like I do?!?!

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I am on a major boot search....my problem is I can't find what I "think" I want.

Last year, I bought a pair of gorgegous dark brown Timberland zippered knee high riding boots. Wear them with everything.

So, this year, I thought I wanted to invest in ankle boots then I decided on booties and now I switching back to ankles or kneehigh. I have alot of grey in my wardrobe this year and so I am considering grey suede or leather...maybe black. I bought a pair of ankle boots from Dillards --adorable suede grey with zipper and a bow on side but they had about 4 inch heel and even though hubby and I both liked the way they looked on with skinny jeans, I knew that I would not just grab for them everyday or so.


I want good quality but really don't want to spend more than $100-200 as I might try to buy both an ankle boot as well as knee high.


I know some of you are great shoppers and I have searched online mainly...Zappos, Endless, Piperlime, Nordstrom but I think I have realized that I need someone to just say "BUY THIS ONE!!" I see several I like but most are way over budget.


help anyone?

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Well, I'm not necessarily a boot person....but...


I'm looking for a pair of dress boots, tall. I found one I really like but the heel is too tall for me. There was another by the same brand with a lower heel but it didn't have the look I wanted. Figures. I use a cane and am pretty unstable as it is so I can't see having a tall heel. But I want it to be very feminine and dressy still.


We did find low heel *warm* boots to go with jeans. DD and I wear the same size so bought a brown and a black so we can go back and forth depending on what we're wearing. But the boots dd chose to wear with skirts, I don't agree is dressy though the heel is ideal.

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I just got these riding boots from Land's End with a 25% off coupon:



They join another pair of black knee-high boots from a few years ago that have a three inch heel. I just needed something a little more casual and comfortable.


I also found a cute and inexpensive pair of distressed leather cowboy ankle boots at Target. I don't expect them to last as long as my old Justin boots, but they were the right price and close by - I'd have to drive at least an hour to find a good cowboy boot store around here.


Loving boot weather!!!

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I looked at these boots and love them...I read the reviews and noticed that some said the silver zipper takes away from the boot. Would that be something that would keep you from ordering this boot? I really like it and my husband was ok with the price.

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I definitely have boot fever right now! I am waiting on some money from a photography order to come in, and if I have enough after buying my girls some boots, I'm getting myself a pair of just below the knee boots. I am top heavy so I don't think I will look great with boots that you wear over your jeans. I need boot cut jeans to even out my top heaviness; no skinny jeans here. I don't know if I want brown or black, but I'm thinking brown because I love brown. And they need to be on the inexpensive side. They have to be flat or have a very low heel. I'm only two inches shorter than my husband, and I don't want to be taller than him in my boots. Any ideas for me?

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