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Question for those who buy 50 lbs. of wheat berries . . .

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My co-op source for bulk wheat berries has dried up. I was paying about $45 for 50 lbs with no shipping.


Until I find another co-op within a very reasonable driving distance, I'm going to have to buy white wheat berries and soft wheat berries from some vendor some where.


Who do you recommend for reasonable prices?



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I buy Wheat Montana berries, but not from them directly. The UPS shipping is out of my league! When we were in Tucson, we just contacted the local distributor listed on the Wheat Montana website. They were more than happy to sell to us directly. We picked up our berries at his warehouse. I can't remember the price, but it was very, very good, and their wheat is considered some of the best in the world for protein content.

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Check out Azure Standard. They may have a drop point in your area. You have to get an account with them to even see their prices online, but getting an account does not commit you to buy anything. I had to call them to get my local drop point information. They have some great organic products at good prices.


I just checked their site and Organic Hard Red Wheat Berries cost $10.10 for 25 lbs. or $18.40 for 50 lbs.


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