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Here's a little da Vinci kit for $2.86 and free Amazon prime shipping


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Thanks so much!


I cannot take credit for this find, though. I saw it recommended in the book I just got this week (thanks to someone mentioning it on the boards!) Art in Story. I love the book, and the bibliography is great (though the author did leave out mention of many other fine books for Renaissance artists). ;)


How do you find great deals like this? I never seem to stumble upon them.


I put things I'm interested in in my shopping cart then save them for later. When the price changes, I get an alert (when I look). That way you can catch your wanted things when they go on clearance.


Maybe there is a better way. Dawn seems really good at find these.

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I just received my kit in mail today. I like it a lot. My daughter likes making 3-D building so she is looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I am planning to use MOH3 in 2 year so she will need to wait unless we do an independent study of Leonardo da Vinci as part of our art project:) We were planning on creating lap-n-note book of his life and inventions/art work.

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These kits are still available, and they're now down below $2! We just got ours today, but I may order a couple more as gifts.




If this hasn't been mentioned already, I also found a Lives of the Great Artists book for $2.39:



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