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  1. DS applied to Hope College which is in Holland, Michigan and is a CTCL school. It has a ABET accredited general Engineering Program with concentrations. Seems to have a decent Physics program and research opportunities. On top of their merit scholarships, they give scholarships based on the area of the country the student is from, probably to increase geographical diversity. Fine arts scholarships are available for non-majors/minors. DS's total cost to attend there will be super duper affordable - we just aren't sure this young adult should be a plane flight away. We also really want to visit before committing and we are running out of time. DH and I have been super impressed with Hope's outreach and communication- a different department from the major he applied to sent a letter and referenced his essay. We've received handwritten notes from current students, parents, and alumni.
  2. I didn't need this thread back in 2013 but it's timely now! The past few weeks have been horrible. I'm almost 48.
  3. Thanks for that info about the weighted GPA. I still haven't filled out that template. Just too much going on and UAH isn't at the top of his list. I did submit my original course descriptions and they were accepted. I couldn't imagine condensing them.
  4. DS received a Christmas ornament from Messiah. They also gave a lot of swag when he went for a visit - T-shirt and CDs.
  5. DS just finished the process for the Trustee Scholarship program at Grove City College. He applied regular decision and so didn't get an official acceptance yet. GCC is his first choice and it's a potential full ride. Life just got very, very complicated with my youngest daughter being diagnosed with leukemia. She is undergoing treatment inpatient right now. So I am supervising the odds & ends of this college application season from a hospital room! I still need to fill out the transcript template for UAH - since we didn't have a cover school I am supposed to provide numerical grades. My transcript which was accepted by other schools isn't sufficient 😞Since the automatic scholarship awards have been reduced we might just take it off the table entirely. Still waiting on word from two state schools. And DS had one reach school on his list that he wanted to apply to just to see if he could get in. He still needs to write the supplemental essay for that school. I told him I wasn't going to remind him anymore - if he really wants to apply he's going to have to take the initiative. There's no way he can attend there - our EFC is ridiculously high and we won't pay that much even if he did get in. There are younger siblings to consider so applying for an ego boost isn't very high on my priority list.
  6. What major does your son have in mind? Have you been able to go for a visit?
  7. DS has received 2 acceptances so far - Messiah University and St. Vincent College, both with automatic merit scholarships. Opportunity for competitive scholarships at both schools coming up. 3 more applications are done and waiting for news. 2 applications to finish.
  8. I looked in the Motherlode thread but couldn't quite find an answer to this question. In the counselor section it asks the beginning date for the GPA on the transcript. My DS has two credits on his transcript from 8th grade (Latin 2 and Geometry). Do I put the beginning date as the beginning of 8th grade? - in his case it would be June 2016 as I count our school year from June 1. Thanks! (Finishing everything up for EA deadlines on 11/1!)
  9. Why are you taking the Ibuprofen out of the kit?
  10. What about a Samoyed? Our neighbor has one and he is such a wonderful dog. Absolutely beautiful, friendly, and well-behaved. I'm not really a "dog person" but I'd get a dog like him if DH was willing. We probably never will though because we are both "cat people."
  11. My DS is another 99% tester who missed 3 less questions than last year (only missed 6 this year. 1 in Reading, 1 in math, and 4 in writing) and whose Index score went down by 6 points. As we are in the highest cut off state, NM is no longer a possibility. I feel bad for DS because if we lived in a different state and if he hadn’t been sick that day.... Oh well. Moving on.
  12. Have you ever been to the Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown? About 30 minutes from Hagerstown.
  13. Check out Templeton Honors College at Eastern University which is just down the road from Villanova. It fits many of the preferences on your list.
  14. Derek Owens Honors Algebra 2 Derek Owens Honors Physics Sonlight 420 - American Literature Hopefully AP US Government. through PA Homeschoolers. If he's not accepted then he'll probably do Sonlight American Government. French 3 with a local tutor Apologia Health & Nutrition (1/2 credit) Summer swim team and archery count as his P.E. as well as going to the gym/pool during the year to use the weights and swim laps. If he has time - the first 8 modules of Apologia Anatomy & Physiology. The second 8 modules would be completed Junior year. Contemplating a local tutorial class on Christian Worldview. He'll also continue with trumpet lessons, band, jazz band, Trail Life, and volunteering as a youth historical interpreters. We are undecided as to whether he will continue with a competitive science team.
  15. I get this when my blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia). I drink juice and lay down to rest and it’s usually resolved within 20 minutes. Since soda works for you I wonder if you have the same thing.
  16. Can you share more info about the “Blackburn Biology guided reading questions from TPT?”
  17. Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV About 90 minutes from DC and Baltimore.
  18. DS self-studied for Statistics using LOF Statistics, Khan Academy, and the Barron's Prep book. He got a 4, so he is very pleased.
  19. They (the doctors) knew I had MTHFR after numerous M/C and the treatment at the time was to take mega doses of folic acid,B6, and B12. I have since switched doctors and now take the methyl forms and seem to be fine but I am scared about what could damage could have been done. What genetic damage does the overload in folic acid cause? How do you know if you have genetic damage? I am compound heterozygous. I am scared to google....
  20. Rose was the first name that popped into my head but with a last name that sounds like Sanders I'd go with Rosalie so there wouldn't be a z/s sound immediately followed by another S.
  21. I am rewatching the entire series right now for the nth time...but this time with my two teenage sons. We are in season 6 right now. Soon we'll add Atlantis in. I can't pick just one favorite :) All the ones listed above are great episodes and I love all of them. I also love Crystal Skull, Unnatural Selection, Abyss, 2010, Paradise Lost..... I could quote SG-1 quotes all day. I'm just sayin'
  22. We are using it right now (free month trial) with our newly adopted daughter from China (home 4 months). She is 6 and has Down syndrome. She is verbal but really needs speech therapy. She really enjoys the videos so far and has picked up quite a few signs and words already. I think it will be especially good for her receptive speech in learning a new language but she will probably still need intensive speech therapy in person for her expressive language. But it is a good basis for her homeschooling for now.
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