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I need wall art. Any recommendations?

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I need some art for my living room. I'd like to start buying originals but I have no idea where to look.


Do you have a favorite artist? I looked at Etsy but am overwhelmed.


I like:

Neutral colors, earth tones

Nature inspired



Don't like:

Bold bright colors



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Etsy IS overwhelming, isn't it? Did you narrow your searches on there so you can weed out what you don't want?


I did find a guy I like on Etsy, but I found him accidentally. I wasn't searching for wall art that day, but an item. In searching for that item, it showed up in his tags as one of his subject matters. So possibly search that way, as well.


Other sources of affordable originals might be an art league or council near you. Ours has a small store and studio, and if I climb the steps up to the storage area I can flip through hundreds of matted originals in a short time.


Good luck!

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How about stretched fabric? You could find some beautiful hand-painted fabric on etsy and have stretched it onto frames. It is definitely a modern and more Scandinavian/European look, but can look really great. IKEA has reasonable frame kits. This website has some beautiful fabrics, kits and pre-stretched options too. They do lean towards the bright and abstract side of the spectrum, but there are some other beautiful neutrals available as well.


ETA: Just don't ask me HOW many to hang, and in which configuration :) LOL (I case you've seen my poll about picture hanging...)

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See if you can find a local art fair, not a craft fair. We stumbled upon one and met many wonderful local artists. We bought an original and it means so much to us to have talked with the artist and know her inspiration. Everything was amazingly affordable and even if we hadn't found anything it was wonderful just to look.

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I'm really starting to appreciate some of the indigenous art from my area.


Harris Smith is a West Coast native carver & painter & I got a limited edition #'d print last year. He's dead now & the one I wanted was hard to track down....luckily one of the galleries contacted his widow & she had one sent to me. It's one of a heron & very simple and clean. I love herons.....



Roy Henry Vickers is too happy about orange for me (I really don't like orange LOL) but there are many more neutral things I could choose in his gallery.




for cheapie solutions, I find the art prints at Ikea are nice & I've also seen nice prints here: http://www.postershop.com/

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I second the idea of going to fairs. I just bought a fabulous print on canvas (I can't afford originals!) for ds for Christmas, of half a dozen pelicans sitting on posts. Hm. That doesn't sound too thrilling really, does it? We had a lovely time wandering about the market. I'll be going back later in the year to find a painting for dd. The artist I have in mind sells smaller pieces for prices I can afford, but didn't have anything suitable this weekend. I'll also be checking out jewelry for her birthday too.


Going to markets and artists galleries adds extra fun into the whole endeavour. You don't know what you are going to find so it's an adventure of discovery! When I was a kid I used to buy etched glass from a lady at the yearly festival, to the point where she got to recognise me and would tell my 12 year old self that she'd been waiting for me :) I bought sets of glasses for $12 that she sold in galleries for $80. That was a long time ago though :)




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