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Prayer Request...

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I recently found out that we are expecting baby #4. This was a complete surprise and my husband and I are thrilled!!!! (We struggled with infertility in the past.) I am around 6 or 7 weeks. My HCG levels have been slow to rise, but they are going up!

11/24- levels were 151

11/27- 680

12/4- 3195.8

12/6- 5199.6

12/8- 6291.9


I had an ultrasound on Dec 7th and they saw the yolk sac. My doctor and nurses told me that because my numbers are not doubling every 48 hours that there is a possibility that I will lose the baby. (One nurse made it sound like there is NO hope). I am not cramping or bleeding, they are just going off the hcg numbers... I have another ultrasound on Monday afternoon. Please pray that I will not have a miscarriage. That this baby is growing and developing normally and that our ultrasound will show the fetal pole and heartbeat. We have been through so many ups and downs the past few weeks... We were going to tell family (including our children) at Christmas.

I am putting my faith in the Lord. He is bigger than any blood test results or doctor/nurses! It is through Him alone that this baby will be knitted together in my womb :001_smile:

Many Thanks,


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Guest janainaz

Yay for you! I don't like involving doctors too much. I think that finding out too much can cause stress and they don't know everything. My dh's handicapped sister got her death sentence from her doctors 17 years ago and ... she's still here and doing well.


Sending prayers for you..... :001_smile:

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Praying for you Christina. :grouphug: FWIW, I'm infertile (my kids are adopted) and had IF treatments in the past. I used to be a part of a very active IF message board and I saw tons of stories just like yours, where the numbers weren't doubling. I saw soooo many ladies in your exact situation go on to have completely normal and healthy pregnancies. Just wanted to offer you a little hope. :grouphug:

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