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What's the best way to make roasted pumpkin seeds?

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Guest RecumbentHeart

Oh, I want to know too!


I tasted some for the first time this week and absolutely must make some and soon. :lol:


I guess I could always e-mail the neighbor and ask her how she did it ...

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I used this recipe last year, and seasoned with olive oil and garlic salt. It was rather a pain removing all the pulp; in fact, I never did get it all off entirely. I just recently read an article in our local newspaper about pumpkin seeds, and the writer suggested baking them with the pulp. According to her, once they're baked, the pulp dries up and falls right off. I'm going to try one batch that way and see if it is indeed easier. They are sure delicious, though.

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I like roasting them with a bit of garlic salt, cayenne, and paprika. Yum! (DD doesn't like cayenne, though!)


I usually manage to get most of the pulp off washing them in a colander; then I just spread them evenly on a well-greased cookie sheet (olive oil os good).

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We soak ours overnight in salty water, drain them, pat them dryish with paper towels, fry them(cast iron or stainless steel frying pan) in olive oil stirring a bit(it sizzles away any water that didn't drain or pat away) until they are browned, spread them onto cookie sheets and move them to the oven for another 7 - 10 minutes to dry/crisp. It seems like a lot of fuss, but they are delicious.

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I soak them in very salty water for an hour, at least, and then bake long and slow, turning at least once.


Suggestions on the salt to water ratio, pretty please? :)


We have some from the pumpkins we carved tonight, and I really want some roasted seeds! Not sure if its mixed like a brine or just a couple teaspoons to a big bowl of water sort of thing.



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I make the kids separate the seeds from the pulp. Easy Peasy...for me. :D


I soak them from an hour to overnight in salt water, depending on how late it is when we finish carving pumkins. (I just dump a bunch of salt into the water...maybe a couple tablespoons?) Last year we did test batches--one soaked, one not soaked. The salt water soak made more flavorful seeds; the non-soaked seeds were crisper. We prefer flavor over texture, so we soak ours.


After soaking, drain and rinse, then leave them on the counter on cookie sheets to dry a little. Maybe an hour or so?


Dry roast at 325, spread out on a cookie sheet, for 20 minutes. Remove from oven. Take a tablespoon of olive oil per cookie sheet, drizzle the oil over the seeds, stir, sprinkle with salt (and pepper if desired) and return to the oven for 30-40 minutes.





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