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Argggggggghhhhh! 7 yo boys

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That doesn't exactly describe my 7yo. My 7yo boy just lives on his own planet. He is clueless about the person space of others. He is hyper and over the top excited. He can hardly stop moving (unless I'm reading to him). He throws huge drama whenever he gets hurt. He doesn't listen because he's playing some kind of Ryan-land game in his head. And yet he is the sweetest kid. I'm sooo tired of it tonight. He sat on the bench during soccer no fewer than 3 times (less than an hour) and couldn't even tell me why. UUGH. So although our children are slighty different, I still commiserate with you.

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Wow. And I thought my 8 year old boy was just special. I'm quite relieved to know that others have this problem.


We are having a huge issue this week with talking back in addition to the rest. I'm trying my best to get this situation under control as well as his other issues. The two year old just yesterday entered "the terrible" phase, and I'm fighting off the morning-noon-and-night sickness this most recent pregnancy has bestowed upon me.


Our house is NOT a fun place right now.

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More protein!


My son is a victim of what the Pioneer Woman calls low-blood-sugar-cranky-butt-disorder. I give him regular snacks (with protein!) to save my sanity.


With both my 7 year old girl and 4 year old boy, I closely watch the protein to sugar ratio.


My parents think we're crazy, but it's true, my husband and I are firm believers in maintaining a good protein to sugar ratio.

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Are the whiniest, complainiest, rudest, smart alecks on the planet. :glare: Especially when even slightly hungry.


Good thing I love him.


I feed my little beast every couple of hours something with protein. He's 11 and it hasn't gotten any better. Protein is the key to a happy house for us. ;)

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It's nice to hear I'm not alone out there! I find it amazing how he can go from being the sweetest, kindest, loving-est boy to monster in 1 second flat. Stupid blood sugar.


Question - I do feed him protein snacks, but it often doesn't make a huge difference. Does he just need more (quantity), or different? He gets things like cheese or peanut butter.

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