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where to get pants for husky boys?

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One of my boys is husky. Even his calves are huge.


Doyou have a recommendation for where to buy pants that fit him? He's just 6 but is 79 lbs.


I haven't been successful in finding at Target.


He likes pants with elastic all the way around (don't we all).





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My son likes the Climber Pants from Lands End. He wears husky sizes and is fairly tall, but his height is in his torso. I have to cut off and hem the pants or he'd be walking on 4 or 5 inches of pants' leg. Climbers have elastic all the way around and are cut a little fuller than LE's regular jeans.


I noticed in a recent LE catalog that they have a new style called Trekker Pants that also have an elastic waist and come in husky sizes. I think they were nylon and lined with a cotton knit or flannel lining, so we might check them out for winter wear.

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Our WalMart seems to have ONLY huskies.


I have 3 boys, all super-slim, and struggle finding pants that fit. My oldest son is 5'8" and weighs 100 lbs. We have to special-order his pants from JC Penny's.


But every time we go to WalMart, hoping to catch *something* at a jeans sale, they have mostly huskies.

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My boys went thru the husky stage at about 10-13 and then they started the shooting up in height. We had a struggle finding jeans that worked for them. Ended up at Penney's with the Arizona brand...they have husky and then Levi's for my other son. I wish that I was smart enough to design a clothing line for that age group because there is a need for it(lots for younger boys and then of course a huge market for the teenages) but there is little for that age that is in-between. Good luck and I find that it helps to couple your shopping trip with a good dose of ice cream or chocolate to make the shopping experience tolerable for all!!!

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I realize this post is a few years old, but for anyone looking for full and/or half elastic waist pants in TRUE HUSKY sizes should check out HuskyFashions.com


I have just found this website and ordered twills and jeans for my 6 year old husky nephew who inherited his football player body shape from his dad. We could never find pants that fit him properly until now. Finally, 6H pants that fit him well and are full elastic waist with no buttons or zippers!

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