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  1. You're so funny.



  2. Hello Anna! I tried to reply to your PM, but I got a message stating that you have elected not to receive any private messages. So mine didn't go through. I'm hoping you can see this one, though, so you don't think I've been ignoring you. :)

  3. Thanks for the back up! I love the avatar!


  4. Oh. My. Heck. I LOVE your avatar! :)

  5. I enjoy your posts! Yvette

  6. Willynilly, thanks for sending me a private message about selling your Rosetta Stone. I'm not currently looking to purchase that item. But if I *were* interested, I wouldn't purchase from someone with no postings, no feedback, and no history on the WTM boards.


    Keep posting and build up a repuation as a seller, and when I'm ready to purchase RS2 I'll be sure to consider you.



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