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    Mother of a 1 year old boy, 6 year old girl, and a 7 year old girl
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    knitting, reading
  1. Good Luck on your journey and enjoy the early years!
  2. :iagree: Very creep, I am not sure what they were thinking when Orson Wells was cast.
  3. I like it, my dh doesn't like it at all. He likes the more traditional versions of Sherlock Holmes.
  4. I am another late starter. My kids aren't morning people. They take a little while to wake up. If I try to force them to start earlier, the kids have meltdowns and I need my emergency chocolate a lot more frequently. :) I try to start the day by taking a walk after breakfast.
  5. I read somewhere that they are working only of the upper level biology, chemistry and earth science. I don't think they are working on physics on any level for the time being. I moved onto NOEO for Physics.
  6. The <$150 might be tricky. Maybe you could find Sonlight's science used? The Discover & Do videos are so tempting. I was thinking about those by itself.
  7. :) I just realized I fit in this category. Time is flying by fast. I can't wait to listen to this one!
  8. My youngest daughter has dyslexia. She is making good progress but she is not "at grade level." My daughter asked me not to tell anyone. This has become a problem at co-ops, Sunday School, and scouts when the children are required to read in the class or to write. She used to attempt to spell or read things in class the best she could. One or two kids would laugh or call her names. She cries a lot about this and has stopped talking to almost everyone in the classes. It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you,
  9. It depends on how bad I feel. If the very thought makes me feel even worse, I call it a sick day. The kids do crafts or watch Bill Nye.
  10. It definitely counts in my book. Field trips days count toward public school attendance. Saturday or Sunday field trips count too.
  11. I would stick with Sonlight if you enjoy it. We are currently doing B/C and loving it. We have loved the book selections so far. It has been our best year of home schooling.
  12. Sonlight NOEO Science AAS I finally found a combination that works well for our family. Now I need something else to obsess about. :D
  13. I don't schedule a time for breaks. I can tell when they really need a break. We using take about ten minutes after math. They both need one after math. I let them snack while they work which cuts down on taking too many breaks during the rest of the subjects. (One of the great benefits of kitchen table home school.)
  14. I just made a list of things I wanted them to learn. I took about five minutes a day to go over things. I work on one new thing at a time. I also used the list to practice handwriting. We review once a week. I let the kids place a sticker next to the things they mastered.
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