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My 14yo dd has requested a year of geography -- has anyone here done this?

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Yep, we aren't following the WTM model for high school...:o


I really tried to go TWTM route, but ds was not in the least bit interested and we decided that we'd fought that battle long enough. That said, we probably would have better reading/critical reading skills if we had. Ds is a science and math guy and doesn't mind spending loads of time in those areas, but the same is just not true for him and history or classical lit. So we decided to go the more traditional, or perhaps common, route for his high school social studies.


We did BJUP's World Geography for 9th grade and liked it just fine. It covers the topic very well IMO. Occasionally the missions emphasis would get too heavy and I'd just say skip that part.


For 10th grade, frankly we skipped social studies all together and added a computer science course.


For 11th he is doing the require American History using Notgrass and the Teaching Co. The History of the United States videos.


For 12th we don't know yet if we will do Ancient here at home or World or take a CC class.




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Hi Laura,

I feel that geography is a very important subject. I explained to my daughter who was complaining about doing geography that it is part of being a well rounded person. I told her that if she met someone from Malaysia, she would be able to have an intelligent discussion with them about their country...she would know roughly the latitude, that it's capital is Kuala Lumpur, that the people speak Malay and English, it has a large Muslim population, etc. How flattering for the Malaysian to meet someone who seems to have a sense of their home country. We are Canadians living in the US, and although in the area we live in in the US there are few immigrants other than people of Hispanic roots, in Canada we interacted with people from all over the world. We are using a Free Virtual School World Geography run by the state we live in. It is quite good, and my daughter is doing very well, because whenever the course touches on the history of a country/continent, my dd is already familiar with the history due to years she has already studied history ala WTM. By the way, she is also studying History this year - Ancients to Middle Ages. Just my thoughts :)

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We are using Runkle's geography this year for 9th. Dd has really enjoyed this. She reads the lesson, does the vocabulary and review questions, does the suggested activity from the student guide for the lesson, which may consist of mapwork of some sort or a project. She also does the activities within the lessons. To me geography is the study of the "physical" earth. Some like have cultures thrown in, too. We use our history for cultures.


Many folks here feel Runkle's is not "deep" enough. We have felt it really does a good job. And, when dd says she is really enjoying something and discusses it, I think she is getting plenty from it. Better than reading some dreadful boring text from our local ps, which I've seen.


We were going to use Trail Guide to World Geography but it wasn't a good fit for us. Many people use it and love it, though.




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We used Runkle in 10th grade. I had ds do it all year, but gave .5 credit for it for science (Called it Physical Geography) The other .5 science credit I gave that year was for Astronomy.

Because it was just physical, I didn't count it toward the history portion of his curriculum. We stayed in the 4 year rotation, doing Medieval that year--it was really a good combo, because there was so much going on around the world at that time.

I would not give a full credit for that program, but I've heard BJU is pretty good--has a missions emphasis and is a year long. Also, Abeka can be done in one semester--again, it's Christian; don't know if that floats your boat!

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...Cultural Geography...hmmm... sounds like an interesting subject!


I think (right now) that we will go with BJU Geography and supplement with books recommended in All Through The Ages in its "Geographical History Booklists" section. I love ATTA -- it is definitely my best homeschool resource purchase of all time, along with TWTM of course (can you have 2 "best"?)


Thank-you :)

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