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Round/oval table or rectangle table for school room?

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Which do you like better? A round (oval with the leaf) table, on a pedestal base, or a regular rectangular table that has legs at each corner? This would be for working with a 2nd grader, so there is still a decent about amount of 'sit near and work with' going on.


We are in our house, but we still don't have any of our overseas shipments or our storage shipment. The Landlords were great and left us a few things that were a huge help. Among them was a kitchen table and chairs. I really like how it looks in the EIK, so that one is staying there. But now we have three tables! So the other two will go in the school room and the laundry room as a folding table. I just don't know which to put which. Size isn't an issue at all, they all fit in all teh rooms no problem.


So which would you use for school?


I'm of the mind that when the movers bring it in, that's where it's staying till the movers come back in 3 years. So I want to decide ahead of time. No moving furniture back and forth later.




And keep your fingers crossed we someday get our stuff! LOL! Someday!

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I like rectangular, because there is a greater surface area. With round tables, things on the side have to be further away so they don't fall off. Our school room table (which is our dining room table) is rectangular with rounded corners and a double pedestal base. How's that for the best of both worlds?

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but in working with a 2nd grader, the most important element for me would be the height of the table. Proper posture is important for good penmanship (imnsho :001_smile:) and unless your 2nd grader is very tall, it's tricky for a child to sit at a table of standard height with proper alignment for reading and writing.


We used a round table when ds 9 was in 2nd grade because it was lower than a standard table. We still use that table for our computer (I am sitting next to it as I type, but I'm not much taller than a 2nd grader myself :tongue_smilie:) - it keeps the screen at eye level or lower rather than requiring them to look up at the screen which can cause eyestrain (from what I understand, according to our eye doctor).

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Thanks everyone. You raised points I hadn't thought of, but I think I should have worded my question differently.


He's tall for a 2nd grader, so height isn't an issue any more. I get what people are saying about surface area, but it's just he and I, so we don't need that much space.


I guess what my big question should have been, in 2nd grade, do you find yourself having to sit side by side as much?


With a rectangular table, I felt like I'd either be across from him (trying to read and point things out upside down) or on the short end of the table, but still around the corner from him (then just reading sideways, not upside down). Side by side I feel clausterphobic and squished in by table legs. That's why I like the pedestal. I think it really comes down to what percentage of your day is side by side time in 2nd grade?


I'd love to have that pedestal based, rounded corner, retangular one some one posted about! But with 3 tables, I certainly can justify a new one!

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We've used both, and I would vote rectangular. It is true that you get VERY good at reading sideways and upside down. The oval table always felt awkward. Places seemed better defined with the rectangular one. Just our experience though.

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My local Lakeshore Learning store sold me a few of their demo tables for 40% off. They have a nicer writing surface than the white adjustable tables you get at Sam's Club/Costo, and are super sturdy. The legs are adjustable so should work well from Kindergarten all the way to high school. So anyway, I'm thrilled to get a nice homeschooling table for about $85. You might want to look into that.

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