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  1. Hi.

    I tired to send you a pm but your box was full. can you pm me please? thanks :)

  2. Would you use this as a starting point for a 3rd grader? He had to repeat the 1st grade twice and is having trouble still (now in 2nd grade in public school). Math and science are a breeze but he is way behind on language arts/reading. I will be bringing him home to teach him myself either in the spring or the next school year and I want something that gives him a really strong foundation. Also, what about Susan's new writing program for elementary age? Thank You!
  3. Hi everyone!!! Im Rachel from OK and I will be teaching my 15yo dd at home this year. We have been in public schools for the past 2 years and are doing her last 2 years at home (trying to graduate a year early-which she had planned to do in public schools with her guidance counselors OK). We hs'd middle school WTM (cant tell you how much I have missed it!!!) but the thought of doing high school always scared me because its such an crucial time and I really don't want to mess anything up. I just bought the revised ed of TWTM and have a wonderful family friend who is a english professor a
  4. Do you have to pay to take these if home schooled? How much do they generally cost? We are in OKlahoma. Thanks!
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