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  1. Try asking summarizing questions, and then require the summary from that. "What problem did the characters face? How did they solve it? Now tell me in two sentences what happened in the text." Did he do WWE but he's still struggling?
  2. He won't be confused. Is he already firmly confident with numbers and place value? You can just work through those lessons by calling it "math names" for numbers, and ask him to use both. If he tells you one way and it's asking for the other, just ask him for what it's called in its math name. And it's not quite as confusing as you're worried about. 22 is actually "two-ten two" because it's two tens, and a two.
  3. CAP Writing and Rhetoric might be an option.
  4. Bridge the Gap math might be useful depending on what level he's actually at. Does he actually have study skills? I imagine failing science is more about not having executive function and study skills than prior gaps. I think it was lewelma who had a thread on explicitly teaching executive function skills that might be helpful.
  5. Yes. I've been leaving mine on his own after the first chapter in Pre-algebra. But I am pretty sure I'll need to do every other book with him. Maybe not at the same time, and maybe not all the questions, but I'll need to be familiar with what he's working on so that if he gets stuck I can jump in and help without a ton of catch-up time.
  6. We're using AoPS at this point. I'm not sure what topics you're seeing that cause the hesitation, I haven't really been following the board lately. What are your concerns about it?
  7. They're so young. You could switch if you wanted, or if you feel like placement would be a better fit in a couple more months, switch then.
  8. Have you looked at Rightstart? Kinesthetic, scripted for the teacher...
  9. It's all very well to do Algebra now. Will his brain be ready for calculus when it gets there early? Sometimes there are things in math that seem to require developmental leaps. I'm hesitant to accelerate math unless it's really clearly needed.
  10. Rightstart is rigorous, in a sense. It's not particularly long? I guess that depends on what "long" is. And your child. I have had four-hour days, but that's because my child was willing to stare at the ceiling for that long before doing the ten minutes of work required. I don't think we can blame the curriculum for that one! LOL Parent intensive? Yes. Because teaching math is teaching math. Unless you get a program that doesn't involve the parent, but I recommend strongly against that, especially for a parent who feels uncertain in math. I think it's going to be very difficult to
  11. Audiobooks. I'd throw on really great audiobooks while he's doing other pastimes. Also, does he see you reading? Is that something that's typical in the family generally?
  12. Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind should work well for it. How long do you have? Writing with Skill might not move as fast as you need, depending on the time you have.
  13. Yes, you can use the quote button to reply to a specific comment.
  14. Check your local laws. Some places won't give any credit for homeschooling high school, and require a student to start at grade 9 regardless of age. His plan of going to a school at age 16 won't really work well with that. So you'll need to know the policies in place. Agreed, if his math and writing are good, he'll do okay. I would do a placement test for what you're looking at for math. If he's not at the level you'd hope, I'd go for Bridge the Gap math to get him up to the level he'll want for the curriculum you'll want right now. For writing, there are a bunch of appro
  15. It would be interesting. I don't think it's "the" key, but it could certainly be fun. Will it line up with your local state standards for socials? I would guess not. So you'd basically be asking the school district to add a completely new course, on top of what they're already trying to juggle. Is it worthwhile? Sure. Will it be easy? Probably not.
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