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  1. I might actually just leave phonics by the wayside for a while. Let her read. I would expect her to intuit the phonics over time.
  2. The errata for all Well Trained Mind Press books are here: https://welltrainedmind.com/corrections/?v=3e8d115eb4b3 Is that what you're looking for? Otherwise, clarification on what?
  3. FLL is just grammar, yes (plus some poetry memorization.) You could start him at level 3, but do have him memorize the definitions of the parts of speech as he comes to them (some of that would have typically been done in the first two levels.) WWE has final assessments available on the website, I think, so you could use those to place where he should fit. Level one is primarily copywork and narration. I would probably not start a fourth grade student there unless they were very seriously behind. Level 2 would probably be a good fit but, of course, you can check the assessments. Level
  4. Part of the issue, yes: that of language fluency. Not the issue of it being culturally not accepted to have hearing people teaching ASL, though. It would definitely be good to have actual conversational practice in the Deaf community.
  5. My concern would be that I don't think the teacher is Deaf.
  6. I feel like your husband is borrowing trouble and, simultaneously, setting you up for failure. By talking about boys as being DIFFERENT somehow, and difficult for women to handle... Every kid goes through separation from parents. And every kid had a personality. Are boys generally different than girls? Yeah, probably. Though there are surely exceptions, too. But women, like men, are quite capable of learning to deal appropriately with the tween or teen in front of them. I'm underwhelmed by your husband's assumption that it'll be a problem because you're a woman. Yuck. He thinks you won't
  7. Okay. So I've never tried to independently teach formal grammar without a curriculum telling me how to my kids. It's possible, certainly. In terms of copywork and narration, I'll tell you a bit about how Writing With Ease is structured, and how we did narration for history. WWE level one has four days per week. Days 1 and 3 are copywork (one sentence each, or maybe two very short sentences.) Days 2 and 4 are narration, which means the child listens to a selected passage, orally answers some questions about it, and then tells you one thing they remember about the passage. Partway thro
  8. Are you planning to use curriculum that lays it out for you, or pull your own material and do it free-form? If you're using curriculum, have you decided on what?
  9. Welcome! Homeschooling is an awesome adventure. I'm wondering how much time you envision this taking up of their day. Is that, perhaps, where your concern is coming from? Your age 5 will be in grade 1? So that would be one sentence of copywork, two times a week. Your age 8 will likely be writing 3 sentences a day. I'm sure they can handle the boredom for the 10 minutes it takes. Deschooling is super important. Have you read about that yet? Do. Deschool, for at least a couple of months after school starts. Then, a couple of months later, when you introduce doing 10 minutes of
  10. If he's brute-forcing his way through 30-10, I'd find that concerning. Definitely needs a ton of work on the 3-tens - 1-ten concept, to be able to do it easily. Rightstart doesn't use a number line at all (well, it sort of does for teaching rounding, later on) and instead really focuses on being able to see numbers, especially on the abacus. I think RS B could be a good fit for him.
  11. It's shocking to hear when someone does something so unusual compared to what we're used to. But, actually, there are some interesting arguments for saying that arithmetic study SHOULD BE delayed until around grade 6. Whether that's the final answer, who knows. It's not what I chose, we did do math earlier. But...there's something to be said for delaying it, so at least when you're talking with her about it, allow that it could well be a really great choice, not a completely lunatic one. And, the child has done math, just not formally-instructed math. It will be interesting to se
  12. There are also many, many Canadian retailers who can ship, and the dollar conversion won't be an issue. Once you know what you're wanting, it may be easy to find in Canada. I've dealt with bookstores in BC, Alberta and Ontario, plus Indigo carris some things. Also consider abebooks.com for used materials, or some print on demand. You can probably have .pdfs printed and bound at your local copy store, ready to pick up, or there are online services that will print, bind and ship.
  13. We use Rightstart. I haven't figured out why many seem to switch out after C. We didn't. I like Rightstart just fine. I'm very good at math and I'm impressed with how well it introduces quite advanced topics. And it continues to be scripted, so you don't need to fear not understanding it. My oldest is almost into level H so I can't comment on how upper level math will go, I'm still trying to figure out what's next. I'm confident, however, that his preparation is solid. Do you have a specific concern about Rightstart and how it's working, or is it only that other people have swit
  14. I adore Rightstart. But it's a complete curriculum, not a supplement. So is Horizons, I think. It may not be great to attempt to keep two full curricula going at once, that might be too much for your student. I guess if he's flying through Horizons he might not mind?
  15. So to start, since you're sure you're pulling her, why wait for another some weeks? Why not immediately? As to what to start with, you've probably seen a period of deschooling recommended before starting with curriculum. That's probably the best way to start! I'd probably consider getting Story of the World as an audiobook or read aloud, and just listening to it "for fun" as a world history survey over the rest of the year.
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