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  1. I'm also not sure why so many are assuming that learning the names of shapes, etc. means drilling? Playful activities and books are great ways to teach kids those concepts. Ds is just ready to move beyond the basics. He WANTS to. As I've stated, 10 minutes is all I'm looking for. She can't stay still long enough to eat 1/2 of a sandwich; playdoh is the only thing that I've seen keep her occupied for 5 whole minutes. It would be insanity to give her scissors without direct supervision. ~~ The trouble is keeping her on her own activity while we do something else because ds gets annoyed with/distracted by her. ~~ She arrives at 5:45 am, and is frequently here until 5 or 6 pm. As is the infant I care for. Their parents work in the same factory as my husband. I obviously have no control over her care or structure outside of my own home.
  2. That's not what I said. I am aware that my son is ahead of the curve, but it's not within my rights to share this girl's whole medical history to justify to you that she is developmentally behind. Since, as mentioned, ds is ahead, dealing with her requires a massive gear shift that I'm not sure how to make. Thus my seeking advice from those who have more experience managing multiple children.
  3. 10 minutes here and there with him is all I'm trying to get - for phonics and math. I'm doing the kindergarten stuff with him because he WANTS to; he is shaping up to be an accelerated learner. "One eye on her outside" is literally, absolutely out of the question. 5 minutes is the outside of her attention span before I have playdoh stuck in my carpet. As she is with us 50+ hours a week, cutting into the evening/weekend when hubbs is home is not very functional for our family. Maybe the special needs board would be a better spot for help with her.
  4. I'm not familiar with Five in a Row. I'll look that up. Preschool "academics" to me is fine motor skills, learning to share, and learning to id shapes, colors, alphabet, & numbers. They usually do fine motor activities together as DS is needing plenty of practice there. Maybe having her do play-doh will distract her long enough for DS to do a short lesson. I'm still trying to work out how to keep her attention on any activity for more than a few minutes - adhd (which is why letting her wander in the backyard or park isn't an option for us).
  5. So I babysit a little girl about the same age as my DS(3), but they are so far apart developmentally that the only thing I can think of is to treat them like they are completely different ages. With all the Covid issues, I'm likely the only preschool she will get. However, DS is doing kindergarten level work (in a very low-key way). I could use advice on managing multiple kids/grade levels. Especially where the "younger" child doesn't want to let the other alone for 10 minutes of instruction.
  6. She's here full time, and they will be turning 4 in October and January (so 2 years until K). I'm not planning on anything intensive/pushy. Keeping her on any particular activity for 5 minutes is a struggle. Even getting her to eat - she takes 2 or 3 bites and then runs off for 10 minutes. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to structure things and help her learn how to build up her focus. Keeping her occupied for 20 minutes so I can do something focused with him, which he is ready for, is something I have yet to figure out how to do.
  7. I have been hoping/planning to homeschool my little guy for a while, and now, due to the pandemic, it seems pretty likely that I will also be preschooling the little girl I babysit. They are roughly the same age. However, her mom (and I'm quite sure her) has ADHD. I'm looking for some tips on how to best work with her. With the low-key stuff we've already been working on there is a big difference between the two of them.
  8. So I have been hoping and planning to homeschool my little guy for a while, but due to the pandemic, it seems likely that I will now also be preschooling the little girl I babysit. They are roughly the same age, however, her mom (and I'm quite sure her) has ADHD. Does anyone have any tips for teaching a young child with ADHD? The very low-key work we've done so far is very different between the 2 of them, and I'm not sure how to best work with her. I'm pretty sure her mom isn't going to do it.
  9. Mine is 3 and interested in reading. His self-chosen toddler obessesion from the start has been letters. I'm opting for casual. Bath letters and a word building card deck. He also has some Bob books that I'm not sure he's ready for yet, and we play Kahn Academy Kids for about 15-20 minutes most days. I like the looks of the OPG, but it starts with learning to recite a rhyme that my little perfectionist stresses too much about. Trying to teach a 3 year old that things don't have to be "perfect" is a trip. I swear I have not forced any of this; I want learning to be something he enjoys.
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