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  1. There's The School Garden Curriculum on the farming topic. An older student could read Restoration Agriculture.
  2. This one is less on puberty and more on sex ed - Consent by Jennifer Lang, MD. We got it for out 14/15 year olds because the public school (They primarily live with their mother.) sex ed here is very poor. It's not from a religious perspective, but it is medically accurate.
  3. I wanted to use OPG, but my little perfectionist HATED it. I put that away and switched to Explode the Code. He seems to like that better.
  4. We have boys 13 & 14 who I'm excited to get vaxxed. That will be everyone except the 4yo. Now I just wish I could convince my mother and brothers to take it all seriously...
  5. On shortages topic - I started looking for a swingset for ds last April; we just got one this month. The type we wanted was constantly out of stock. I built a raised garden bed out of cinder blocks cheaper than lumber. As a bonus though, it'll last a lot longer. We definitely see more random empty spots at walmart too.
  6. Stink bugs are totally different from lady bugs. Stinkbugs can hurt your plants, on top of being super annoying inside. The Brown Marmorated variety are an invasive species, so no natural predators to keep them in check. You might try Diamataceous Earth. Most insecticides will only kill them with direct contact; the residue does nothing.
  7. It works just as well for any ground meat. I use mine regularly.
  8. We have a similar manufacturing situation here. Here at least, it's less about the drug test/showing up everyday than it is about the chronic pain and excessive overtime that usually comes with it. It's also difficult to find childcare for such long hours, and most people actually want to see their kids once in a while.
  9. Crash Course (youtube) has just launched a series on black history in America. It will cover from the beginning of the slave trade through the civil right movement and present. It should make a good supplement.
  10. I've called him a lot of things, but never it. Bowie, Bobo, Brat, Dumb-dumb, Your Majesty, Sir Barks-a-lot.... but not it.
  11. Chacos are good, and they last for years.
  12. We attend an Episcopal church, and it is definitely a more inclusive environment. A fair number of former Catholics too.
  13. We were able to buy a house. It's actually big enough for us and everything. It's an amazing blessing amid all the challenges.
  14. Mine likes to go in circles. However, it does something with my anxiety, so I have to tell him to do something else.
  15. The best thing is to get your doctor's input on doses. Personally, if I don't take magnesium supplements (800mg), I get cramps in my feet. It seems to run in my family. It got progressively worse for my grandpa, but I don't think he was taking magnesium.
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