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  1. The Robert Fagles translation is the one recommended in both the 3rd and 4th editions of TWTM. That's the one I purchased for my daughter for the upcoming school year.
  2. Any recommendations for safe email account providers for kids? I would like one that doesn't collect and share data and is generally safe for kids. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I did. I'm a very visual person so charts, tables, lists, etc. are very helpful to me.
  4. I appreciate you saying this. You're right, sometimes we hear "less rigor" and we think "too easy" or "not as good". Sometimes I hear "rigorous" and I think "burn out" . What appeals to me about MFW is that I think she'll enjoy it and it'll leave some room for her to follow other passions. I could always add more books too. Thank again, for the encouragement.?
  5. Thank you. This does help. I went to the "Buy the Books for Year 1" tab and I'm guessing the books I would need are the ones that say "rhetoric" and "history". Would I also need the "Y1U1" books? I guess I should call them. Thanks again for the info. This helps a lot.
  6. I'm wondering if it's because you have to add math and science to MFW and maybe the others include everything? Just a thought.
  7. Thank you, Lori D.! I didn't know all of this was out there. Thank you for taking the time to type it all out. I really appreciate it.?
  8. Thank you for your response. I will copy and save it for future reference:) History is my daughter's favorite subject so she will study history all four years regardless of what path she takes. The 4th edition of TWTM does an excellent job guiding parents on how to list the course descriptions and credits on transcripts when studying history TWTM way. I guess what I'm looking for is a program that will be challenging, will prepare my daughter well for college, and is also fun. We have always studied history "TWTM" way and she has learned a ton but it's been a little dry and a lot of work. I want her to enjoy her last for years in our homeschool as well as be well prepared for college. Thanks again for your response
  9. I've never used TOG. Someone else suggested My Father's World so I'm looking at that one too. I've heard from others that TOG can be a little difficult to figure out. Looking at MFW, it looks like there are only 6 books covered for literature. I guess I could always add a few more. Thanks for your response.
  10. This fall I will have my first high school student. I would like to follow TWTM recommendations but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm playing around with the idea of purchasing a box curriculum for my ninth grader that will teach history chronologically over 4 years. I'm looking at Tapestry of Grace but I was wondering if there are other programs out there similar to TOG that I can look at and compare. Also, what are your recommendations: TWTM for high school or packaged curriculum? Advice, suggestions, things to consider with both. I looked at TOG briefly today and it looks like they have the student read "sections" only of some of the literature selections whereas, TWTM recommends the entire book. I appreciate your advice. Thank you. Lily
  11. We do math 5 days a week. Investigations get their own day and tests get their own day.
  12. I have the 4th edition of TWTM and Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties by Paul Johnson is one of the books recommended as a basic text but there are three others: 1) Asia: A Concise History by Arthur Cotterell 2) Europe: A History. A Glorious Chronicle of Europe, From Kings to Peasants, From the Urals to the Faroes by Norman Davies 3) Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties by Paul Johnson 4) America: A Narrative History, Brief (10th Edition) It looks like you would need all 4 to cover modern world history. We haven't made it to this period of history for the rhetoric stage yet so I can't tell you much about the books themselves. Hope this helps.? Lily
  13. Also, did you purchase the digital courseware student license?
  14. Thanks for responding. Which components did you buy? My understanding is that there is the student text, teacher text, student lab book, teacher lab book plus the lab kit.
  15. What is everyone using for high school Biology? The 4th edition of TWTM recommends Miller & Levine Biology but it's a little pricey ($285) plus I would have to order lab materials in addition to the books. Is it worth the cost? If you used this program, what did you purchase and what has been your experience? If you used something else, what was it and how did you like it? Thank you.
  16. We use the formal reading list recommended in TWTM that coincides with our history study.
  17. We used this program a few years ago and we enjoyed it very much. I still look back at that year with fondness, however, I left because of some of the same concerns that you have: are my kids getting enough, grammar, writing, and science instruction? The thing is that Paths of Exploration is wildly different, you may even be able to say opposite, from The Well Trained Mind Classical philosophy of education. POE believes students should learn American history first. TWTM recommends students learn history chronologically. POE teaches spelling, grammar, writing, and science in an integrated method, kind of like a unit study, whereas TWTM promotes teaching the skills subjects (not science) in a systematic way without skipping anything. As you know, TWTM recommends studying one field of science for an entire year vs. a few weeks on life science, a few weeks on physical science, and a few weeks on Earth science. My advice to you is this, revisit the goals you have for you students, re-evaluate what educational philosophy makes that most sense to you and go with that. You can either continue with the TWTM method of education and find ways to streamline it. Maybe ask here on the board how people teach spelling, writing, grammar, etc. to multiple students, you know, what everyone's schedule looks like. Or, you can go with POE and use it as is without adding anything to it except for math. There is A LOT to POE. You will be working on it all day because it does cover so much. I tried to supplement like you're thinking of doing and our days seemed never ending. POE is pricey but the books selections are excellent. If you decide to go that route, I highly recommend jumping in with both feet, resist the temptation to doubt whether or not you're doing enough, resist the temptation to add to it and just use it as intended and enjoy it. Your kids will be fine. At that end of that year you can re-evaluate. I'm curious to know what method of education you've been using so far and why are you looking to change/tweak that? I know you mentioned that you want to keep your kids together as much as possible and that you want to be more consistent with science. Are there any other changes you'd like to see happen? What aspect of your current method of homeschooling is working?
  18. Hello, I need a recommendation for an unabridged dictionary. What's the standard? Thanks.
  19. Language Arts study includes: *Reading: Skills (this is learning to read, developing fluency, developing reading stamina), *Reading: Literature (these are the Great Books that coincide with your history study), Spelling, Writing, Grammar, and Handwriting. Language Arts Subjects Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade Reading: Skills *This is teaching your child to read using a primer like Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, Teaching Your Child to Reading in 100 Easy Lessons, All About Reading, etc. *This will include a phonics workbook like MCP Plaid Phonics or Explode the Code *This also includes using Phonetic Readers like Bob Books then later beginning chapter books like Frog and Toad *The next stage would be reading longer chapter books like The Boxcar Children, The Littles, Stone Fox, etc. *Begin primer *LOTS of read alouds *Nursery Rhymes *Songs *MCP Plaid Phonics (2011) – Level K *Continue with the reading primer *Add phonetic readers when child is ready (may happen in kindergarten) *LOTS of read alouds *MCP Plaid Phonics (2011) – Level A *Continue with the reading primer (*Primer is usually finished in the 2nd grade but continue in the 3rd grade until complete) *MCP Plaid Phonics (2011) – Level B *Begin short chapter books when child is ready (may happen before 2nd grade). The books selected should be at the student’s “instructional level” meaning they should be slightly challenging but not to the point of frustration. *LOTS of read alouds Continue with the reading primer until finished *MCP Plaid Phonics (2011) – Level C *Child may (or may not) be ready for longer chapter books. The books selected should be at the student’s “instructional level” meaning they should be slightly challenging but not to the point of frustration. *Student continues to read books slight challenging books. *You won’t continue with MCP Plaid Phonics level D because the activities in Spelling Workout will begin to overlap with this (if you go with Spelling Workout) Reading: Literature *This is the list of Great Books that you choose to read that coincide with your history study *Parent/Teacher reads the Great Books to the student. *Parent/Teacher reads the Great Books to the student. *Student may be able to start reading some of the Great Books on his/her own. Student reads some of the Great Books on his/her own. Student reads the Great Books on his/her own. Writing *This includes, copywork, narration, dictation Writing With Ease Level 1 – There is only one book to purchase. Teacher book and student pages are all in one book. Writing With Ease Level 2 – Teacher book and student pages are all in one book. Writing With Ease Level 3 – Teacher book and student pages are all in one book. Writing With Ease Level 4 – Teacher book and student pages are all in one book. Grammar First Language Lessons Level 1 – There is only one book to purchase. First Language Lessons Level 2 – There is only one book to purchase. First Language Lessons Level 3 – Teacher book and student workbook are separate. You need both, in my opinion. First Language Lessons Level 4 – Teacher book and student workbook are separate. You need both, in my opinion. Spelling Spelling Workout Levels A & B (This is per SWB recommendation with the goal of completing all levels by the end of 6th grade Spelling Workout C & D Spelling Workout E Spelling Workout F Handwriting Zaner-Bloser Level K *You don’t need the Teacher’s editions for any of the levels. Zaner-Bloser – Grade 1 Zaner-Bloser – Grade 2 Zaner-Bloser – Grade 3 Zaner-Bloser – Grade 4 *SWB says that skills subjects like phonics instruction, spelling, and grammar should be taught systematically (in order) and without skipping any levels. I don’t know what grade your kids are in. The most I would skip with your 9 year old in regard to grammar would be levels 1 & 2 because they are pretty repetative. You may also be able to skip levels A & B with spelling (your call). As far as the reading primer (phonics instruction) goes, SWB highly recommends that yo finish whichever primer you started. She says parent may be tempted to stop the phonics instruction when reading clicks for the student and the take off. She says that often these kids never learn the skills needed to read harder, multi-syllable words and reading issues can develop later because of this. Hope this helps.
  20. I am looking for a pen pal for my 6 year old son (will be in the second grade in the fall) and my 7 year old daughter (will be in the 3rd grade in the fall). We live in Texas and would love to find pen pals from a different state. Please message me if you're interested. Thank you.
  21. Never mind. Scratch that request. There are more pages missing than just those two. I'm just going to order a new book. Thanks.
  22. I purchased a used copy of the Saxon Math 3 Teacher's Edition and I discovered this morning that lessons 60 and 61 are missing! Would anyone who uses Saxon Math 3 (original set-not the new one) mind sending me a picture of those two lessons? Or does anyone have other suggestions of what I may be able to do until I can purchase a new copy? Also, is there a way that you can message me privately (not sure now to do that on this site) and I can send you my phone # for the pics. This is a lot to ask, I know. I really appreciate your help. Thanks
  23. What you can do with Saxon 8/7 or whichever program you decide to go with is, have her take the test and the end of each chapter/section/unit. So long as she does well on the test, you move on to the test for the next chapter. You keep going until she takes a test she is no longer passing. You then have her start the book in the chapter that she starts having trouble in. For example, let's say you have her take the tests for chapters 1-12 (in whichever book you go with) and she does well (85+ or whatever level of mastery feels right to you). Then, let's say you have her take the chapter 13 test and she scores a 70. You would then have her start the book at chapter 13. This way you are not going ALL the way back to the beginning. I'm doing a terrible job of explaining this. I hope it makes some sense. Have her take one test a day, unless she completes a test in 20 minutes and you think she can handle another one. Just an idea. Hope it helps.
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