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  1. Thank you so much kiana! That is incredibly helpful! I think Developmental Mathematics is exactly what I'm looking for!
  2. I'm not sure what they use, but I'll look into accuplacer either way 🙂
  3. That's a good point. Going over pre-algebra as well wouldn't hurt. I'd just like to brush up on things before my math placement test.
  4. This falls solidly under self education. I've decided to go back to college and would like to brush up on math before I take my placement test. Any recommendations for an Algebra 1 curriculum?
  5. I have an Audible credit and a long weekend ahead that consists of many chores. My wishlist contains a lot of "thinking" books with somewhat dark themes. I'd just like to listen to a good story that isn't going to get me all emotional. Any suggestions?
  6. So sorry that happened. In regards to your DH's reaction...heck, whenever I'm sexually harassed (I work with the public) I often wonder if it's because of what I was wearing/how I was standing/did I smile too much...it's utterly stupid. It only lasts for a few seconds; that thought process, but it's there none the less. Unfortunately it's the culture we live in.
  7. Hi Katy. I'm so sorry for your loss. Regarding JW memorial services, there are very few "don'ts". Jewelry is absolutely ok; we love to accessorize. Sandals for foot attire is fine. The women will (typically) wear skirts not much shorter than knee length or so, "all black" isn't really a thing so don't worry about the blush dress. We very much expect (and welcome) non JWs to be in attendance so I'd really encourage you to wear what what you are comfortable in. We/they are not there to judge you. Also, for the baby, there is often a room (maybe a library or even a mother's room) where you can take the baby if she gets fussy, so don't fret about that. In my experience, there will be an opening song (typically provided in the program), prayer, memorial talk, closing song, and closing prayer. Some families choose to have a reception following where family members & friends can speak about the loved one who has passed. Feel free to ask any other questions! :)
  8. Slightly off topic, but I just wanted to chime in & say that if you pick a color scheme and stick to it for all purchases, then you can mix and match all the items. It makes it a lot easier when the kids are getting dressed and it also eliminates having just that one top that matches only that one bottom :)
  9. Her hair is about down to her shoulder blades. When she was 3 we cut it into a bob and it was incredibly adorable. I've been trying to encourage her to get it cut a little shorter, it seems to look thicker when it's shorter.
  10. I have big, curly hair. And after nearly 30 years I've got it figured out. However, my 5 year old's hair is the exact opposite. Straight and thin. I was it every couple nights or so and sometimes blow dry it. If I put product in it, it looks good for the first day, but after that it gets all greasy. She's super patient with me; let's me put it in a ponytail or braid or whatever, but her ponytail usually falls out by the end of the day (I figure she's just five, so that's probably not uncommon). I'm not sure if her hair type in general tends to be challenging :) or if it's just me and my lack of straight hair care experience.
  11. So tragic! I thought it was a hoax at first, too. He was so young. Yes, I've seen this speculated, but I think people don't understand that it's really just the medical use of blood that Witnesses refuse as far as medical treatment. I think if he were in dire need for a blood transfusion and refused it the media certainly would have picked up on it. I'm not sure if he identified himself as a Witness recently, but last I heard he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  12. I'm considering getting a Fitbit or something similar. I'd really like to increase how active I am and just start taking better care of my body. I think awareness is a good place to start. I'm not particularly interested in tracking my sleep but I love the idea of a silent alarm. Not sure I want to wear something on my wrist all the time but if I were to go that route I think the Jawbone trackers look more my style. Do you have a fitness tracker? Have you found it helpful?
  13. I'm so glad you posted this. I'm a 5'3 pear shaped Puerto Rican. Right now I weigh 155 and am I size 8. It's the biggest I've ever been outside of pregnancy, and am in the 'overweight' category. I'd be perfectly fine weighing this much if I knew I was healthier; drinking more water, being more active, eating less sugar. After I had my son oldest, I got down to 128 lbs and looked terrible. Anyway, I've been thinking about this topic a lot and have decided that in the past I've been most comfortable at 135-140 lbs. I've got my curves but I don't feel like my round face looks chubby. But really, I want to feel like I'm doing right by my body. That I can play some soccer with my nephews & kids, and that I'm well hydrated, eating enough fruits and veggies.
  14. I don't know how this would work on a larger scale, but my in-laws own a fast food restaurant, and whenever minimum wage goes up they have to raise their prices to cover that cost.
  15. I think at some point I realized that most of the recipes were on their website, but to be honest, I don't peruse the website...ever, really.
  16. I let my subscription lapse awhile ago, but I really enjoyed Simple & Delicious magazine. There was at least 2 recipes every issue that became tried and true for our family.
  17. Amy Poehler's Yes Please is hilarious. The Handmaid's Tale is excellent. Orphan Train, The Wedding Gift, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and The Chosen One (by Carol Lynch Williams) were all audio books that I really enjoyed and would listen to again.
  18. They drive me nuts too. The one I really, really hate is " I met this boy...he kinda stole my heart....he calls me mom." Gag.
  19. Just an update to say it works beautifully!!! I can read and listen and listen and read on any of my devices; they all pick up where I left off. It's awesome!
  20. I've listened to audiobooks on my phone and read books separately on my tablet but I've never done both using Whispersync. Can I read a book on my tablet and listen to it on my phone or does it need to be read and listened to on the same device? Does it sync across devices?
  21. 5 HTP changed my life. I take 200 mg each night before I go to bed.
  22. For those of you using any.do, is there a way to customize the snooze time? Right now when I 'snooze' a reminder it goes off an hour later. I'd like for it to nag me every 5 or 10 minutes.
  23. I have an iPhone, I've tried to use the Reminders app but I'm for some reason I don't really like it.
  24. I need an app that has an alarm/reminder feature. Bonus points if I can snooze the reminder in case I'm in the middle of something else. Google calendar is ok for a lot but I'd like something that's more of a to do list. Any recommendations?
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