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  1. Miss Mousie

    Would this bother you?

    Hmm... a tough one. Originally I was right there with you, Janie, but then in reading other responses I started to change my mind. But it in the end, here's where it stands for me: if it were (almost literally) anyone else, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But if it were one of the women in my family? I'd definitely smell ulterior motive and I would definitely be pissed and try to steer my kid clear of them. Kind of interesting, though, that I have one brother that I think I'd be OK with - even though his wife is pretty much at the top of my "beware" list. Yeah, I have family issues. ?
  2. Miss Mousie

    "I Voted!" stickers by state

    That is just not right! (But I'd be right there with you gloating about my lower tax bill!)
  3. Miss Mousie

    "I Voted!" stickers by state

    Thanks for the article. That was interesting. I do decline the sticker now, and I did pass it to the kid when he was younger. Thanks for not getting too upset with me for butting in on your happy thread. ?
  4. Miss Mousie

    "I Voted!" stickers by state

    I don't mean to rain on the parade, but the stickers stick in my craw. Given the shaky financial situation in my state (and likely many others), I think those dollars could be far better spent than on stuff that goes straight in the trash. #curmudgeon /rant
  5. I'm sorry to hear this terrible news, and I'm sorry you have to tell your daughter in less-than-ideal circumstances. Wishing peace and healing to all of your family.
  6. Many of these posts have me dying to guess, in a goofy sort of way. If I accidentally do that with the kid of a poster, I apologize - I'm trying to contain myself to the ones with a story about somebody else's kid. So for Quill's story - I think the name is Kardashia. Arsonio. HHeattherr?
  7. Miss Mousie

    Goals for this year - Just did a scary thing.

    Good for you, Jenny! Fingers crossed!
  8. Miss Mousie

    People are nice

    I can't let this thread fall to page 2 without pointing out that your thoughtfulness and generosity makes you a member of your own "nice people" category. :)
  9. Miss Mousie

    Prayers and good thoughts, please.

    Oh my, how frightening. Sending good thoughts your way! I hope you hear a positive update soon.
  10. Miss Mousie

    Tomato soup!

    Three cheers! That's great news! You might even open a whole new world of Italian dishes ... and maybe even sneaking a little something in from time to time, like spinach or peas or maybe a little potato. I know, I'm getting ahead of myself - these things take tons of time and you don't want to rush it - but it's so promising!
  11. Miss Mousie

    What did you do while the site was down?

    Spent WAY too much time on College Confidential. It doesn't frighten me nearly as much as it did a year ago, though, so I guess I've made some progress against my constant fretting.... But at least I got our taxes done.
  12. Miss Mousie

    THE NEW FORUMS ARE LIVE!! But be aware...

    testing.... Hooray, it works! :)
  13. Miss Mousie

    WTM shut down from March 24th to March 28th?!?!?

    :svengo: :svengo: :svengo: Imagine if the transition happened on April 1... she could be SO cruel! ;)
  14. Miss Mousie

    WTM shut down from March 24th to March 28th?!?!?

    You're going to spend those days tweeting like a madwoman, right? Right?! <breathes deeply but furiously with brown paper bag>
  15. No offense intended to you or your DH, but I made a very big deal out of teaching DS the following: 1. If you can't find the courage to talk to your partner about sex, you aren't ready to have sex. 2. If you can't find the courage to buy condoms, you aren't ready to have sex. 3. If you can't find the courage to talk to your doctor (male or female) about sex, you aren't ready to have sex.
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