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  1. OT: What in the world does this mean? Back to topic: We are fresh out of pets (last one died over the summer 😢 ) and I still wouldn't allow someone else's pet in the house. Nope. Find a dogsitter or board it.
  2. It's not for nothing that we took to calling it the Mathroom....
  3. When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED Dell puzzle magazines - mostly crosswords and Pencil Puzzles & Word Games. It appears Dell has been bought by Penny Press, which I did not like nearly as much way back then, but it's probably worth checking them out. They have many different kinds. https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/variety-puzzles/ https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/logic-math/
  4. Nope, not too harsh, especially because he seems not to have learned from last weekend.
  5. It sounds like the last 10 years or so have brought many good, happy changes here and there, and it also sounds like that trend has plateaued lately. That, plus the mention of "if no job then baby" leads me to think you're just looking for another "something new." Of course, I could be totally off-base. I hope you get the job, but if not, I'd maybe suggest learning some new skills or joining/starting a community group or getting a cat or something before going for another baby.
  6. Knock, knock ... I have an 18 yo who just started college. May I join? And is it OK to slug whiskey by the fire? 😉 Sometimes coffee just won't cut it....
  7. Taste of Home used to have a magazine called Cooking for Two. It seems to be out of circulation now, but there is still a website that may prove useful to you in getting a sense of proportions. https://www.tasteofhome.com/publication/cooking-for-two-magazine/ It also appears that Amazon etc. have back issues available.
  8. I have dreamed about each of my parents, and I LOVE those dreams. They are almost always hilariously funny in the dreams, and, while I'd still call it bittersweet, the sweet feeling is really strong.
  9. Try to get your hands on a copy of Rodale's Organic Gardening. It is essentially an encyclopedia. Also try contacting your county extension office. AFAIK, they tend to have many expert gardeners ready to help. Good luck, and best wishes for a bountiful first season! 🙂
  10. Agree with all of this. My son did the "intensive" (3-week) session, which was great for getting it done and not letting it drag out forever. Her feedback was very helpful (especially considering DS didn't give her much to work with at first!) and I know his final essay was far better than it would have been otherwise. I looked into some of Ethan Sawyer's stuff (mentioned by another poster), and I liked it, but DS didn't seem to click with it. I'd recommend having your child investigate the site and see if it's a match, and decide from there whether to try more than one source.
  11. Finally weighing in.... DS applied to 4 schools and was accepted to all with merit scholarships at each: Beloit College (Presidential Scholarship), Knox College, Northern Illinois University, and South Dakota State University. He has chosen Beloit! To say I am thrilled doesn't quite capture it.... I am ecstatic!
  12. If you think about it, an oatmeal cookie is just granola that hasn't been crumbled yet.
  13. February has always been rough here, and I have only one student. The first two weeks were actually pretty good, but the back half of the month has been the worst yet. We've had some sad personal events in the family lately, but more than that, he is a senior, and seems hell-bent on trashing the subjects we enjoy together more than anything else (like lit). I'm trying to chalk it up to "fouling the nest" and not take it personally, but THAT IS HARD! I don't know whether I can even hope that March etc. will be any better.
  14. HOORAY! And CONGRATULATIONS!! That is just the best news.
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