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  1. ...but I have made plenty of posts on the forum (this one and the old one) over the years. Is this a forum glitch or is there something I can do to work around it?

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    Silver Burdett Ginn Grade 3 Reader: On The Horizon (World of Reading series, Sterling Edition) Student Edition, Hardcover, by Pearson, Johnson, Clymer, & Indrisano. 384 pages, ISBN# 0-663-52183-1, Level 9 Grade 3/2). "Used Book" stamp on inside cover, otherwise excellent used condition. No writing, rips, or other damage. $5 + shipping, from smoke-free home, please PM for inquiries.


  3. I spoke with a local friend who confirmed it is normal. My previous company must be a small operation, because they take any form of payment given (cash brought to the office, mailed check, call in to pay over the phone with a credit or debit card, etc.). They never did let us know when they'd be coming, but that was part of being on autofill and them knowing our usage habits. Thanks for chiming in; it helps me not feel so uncomfortable answering their questions.
  4. Do the things this fuel co. is asking on its application sound normal to you? My family is looking at switching fuel companies (cold weather climate). With the old company, we were on an "auto-fill" plan (always cheaper per gal.). They simply delivered the fuel on their schedule & left a bill which I always paid promptly. This new co. wants our SSNs, Driver's License numbers, birth dates, mortgage holder information (name, address, phone), personal references, etc. on their auto-fill application. One of the forms expects one of their given payment options to be selected, which means a
  5. I'd sign my kids up for WTM Academy writing and get better computers & faster internet to support it. I'd get all the technology issues at my home (the printer, etc.) fixed. Field trips all over the world! A couch on which to do "together" lessons so we don't have to sit on the floor. Other furniture, home repairs, and an addition while we're at it. ...I think I may have just burned through more than $100K in my imagination.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope the people who will do your heart good will be moved to come around. :grouphug:
  7. I suppose there's no getting around "doing Tuesday", so I'm in by default. Dishes Laundry Clear kitchen counter Homeschool Bills/phonecalls Choose & set up a foreign language program on the computer Dinner Call friend and mom Wine? Chocolate, at minimum.
  8. Other states refer to them as charters because their states define them as such, but if you look at our AK legistlature or AK Dept. of Ed. website, ours are legally referred to as "correspondence schools". They are called that because each is branched off from a public school district. They are state/federal programs, as they are funded with the same funds used to run public schools - federal education funds given to the state, and state monies gathered from taxpayer funds. I only bother to clarify such minutia because the TV commercials for these "homeschool" programs give the impressi
  9. Nuts, I should have bought the bigger bottle of wine.



      I should have bought 2!

  10. I replied to your questions inside the quote. :) ETA: "IDEA" is the name of one of the public school - homeschool programs I mentioned, the same that ArcticMama mentioned. I'm not sure if that's the same "IDEA funding" you mentioned, Prairie.
  11. This is where the teacher's manuals come in handy. I just followed the instructions for which facts to drill each day. It usually says something like, "Drill addition facts 1 - 18 and multiplication 2's through 5's". On the same day, the speed drill would be subtraction to balance it out. The speed drills as well as additional worksheets are in the TM. I stayed on an Abeka-like schedule for learning facts, though. I made sure to do any the Horizons lesson said to, plus anything from my own schedule not listed there. Abeka introduces fact families in order, 1 to 12. It was just easier
  12. I'm looking for something other than Horizons to continue with because the teacher manuals aren't much help for someone with weak math knowledge. I don't doubt it's a good curriculum continuing into higher levels; I just need much more teacher support than what it offers in the elementary grades. I'll look at the samples of the Pre-Alg. TMs, but unless it has a lot of hand-holding, I'm not sure it will work. That's why I've been using Abeka alongside it, for the detailed, scripted lessons. Abeka isn't on my list of top choices because I've read many reviews stating it gets weaker in the up
  13. Nuts... I've lost my list of curricula with levels to look into after Horizons 6, and now the time has come for us, too. If it's any help, I've determined (with Jann in TX's help - thanks, Jann!) that the Lial's Pre-Algebra book she uses for her "Honors Pre-Algebra" online class would be a better fit after Horizons 6 than Lial's BCM (Basic College Math), used for basic pre-algebra. I think I remember AbbyeJ (sp?), 8FilltheHeart, and others having used Horizons and making various recommendations for what to use after Horizons 6. Hopefully they'll chime in. If enough people can give an idea
  14. After completing a "meshing" of Abeka & Horizons 6 math, what level in other curricula should I be looking at? I looked at TT Pre-Alg but Abeka 6 covered all of that. What level of Lial's, Saxon, or other brands work well after completing Abeka or Horizons 6?
  15. I'll be homeschooling an 8th grader that has never had a formal, separate vocabulary program before. He spent previous years solidifying spelling, which came hard for him, so he's not had root word study or lists of vocabulary words. I've got the following: English from the Roots Up 1, Vocabulary from Classical Roots A, and Sadlier-Oxford Vocab Workshop A. I'm willing to buy MCT if it looks like a better fit than these. My main concern is choosing something that is up to par for 8th grade and will be a good fit for him (a challenge he can meet), but not so hard he's defeated from the st
  16. To answer some things above, there are no learning disability issues. He's just never been exposed to the material. He has written 5-paragraph essays, but not up to par in quality for WWS 1. I'll look at Analytical Grammar. I'm not sure why I hadn't yet. I thought Abeka might do the same thing all in one year since it's so repetetive, enabling us to not have to speed ahead. I have the R&S books though. I looked at book 6 and it does look like the starting point for him if we used it. I don't know about MCT... it has always sounded lovely, but I'm a sucker for old-school diagr
  17. How will taking the online Expository Writing classes differ from following the Writing With Skill books on my own at home? Will the online teachers use the WWS books verbatim, as I would?
  18. I posted this question in another thread about working with an 8th grader to catch up in grammar & writing, but thought there might be more input in a separate thread. Any help is much appreciated. I have an 8th grader who is behind in English/Language Arts. The amount of work needed to catch up, per my original WTM-ish plan, is overwhelming. I just finished looking at the Abeka Grammar & Comp. I & II samples. Which level should a child start with if they have only been introduced lightly to simple subject-verb-adjective diagramming and only an overview of the parts of speech?
  19. I'm in a similar situation with an 8th grader. The amount of work needed to catch up, per my original WTM-ish plan, is overwhelming. LivingHope, are you knowledgeable on the Abeka English curriculum to answer questions? Mind if I pick your brain? I just finished looking at the Grammar & Comp. I & II samples. Which level should a child start with if they have only been introduced lightly to simple subject-verb-adjective diagramming and only an overview of the parts of speech? Is there enough repetition that it would be OK to start in level 2? If level 1 is the best starting po
  20. A friend in Tel Aviv posted pics of rockets streaming by overhead; please keep the region in prayer.

    1. Chris in VA


      I am praying. I just read an email about it this morning.

  21. I'd love to sign both of my logic-stage kids up, but I'm not sure if the younger needs Intro to Expo or Expo I. I'm hoping the placement help is offered before classes good for my time zone fill up. I'm also curious if the lessons for Expo I & II will be taken directly from WWS I & II, just as if I were teaching it at home. Has anyone else wondered about this? Can anyone advise how it might differ from using the books alone? I understand there are field experts teaching, but I would want to be sure individualized feedback is part of the course. I'd also like to see syllabi with p
  22. I use one of the self-pace Apologia Gen. courses at VHG. We use it mostly as a supplement to the text & notebook. I have my kids watch the extra videos, take the quizzes, etc. Since I don't utilize every part of it, I don't count the grade VHG gives as my children's actual grade. You can do with it whatever you want. Did you go through all the instructions in your sign-up email and at the beginning of the course? If I'm not mistaken, there is more than one self-paced Apologia Gen. Sci. course offered by VHG, so for all we know, we could be talking about 2 different things. It loo
  23. Hi John, No, I had not tried using a different browser or computer. Most pages but not all looked that way, from what I remember. This is the first I've checked back in here since posting that question, and like the PP, it has strangely resolved on its own. If you fixed it, thank you! Either way, I'm happy to be able to use the site again. :hurray:
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