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  1. It may not work for your needs, but ClassDojo has some nice features and it could possibly be arranged to work with what you are trying to do.
  2. Essentials in Writing could be a good fit for LA. Math, perhaps CLE or Math Mammoth.
  3. Tell me about how it worked for you and how you tracked progress, made assignments, etc. I know how khan works, I'm interested in how you worked with it in your homeschool. I'm considering it as a spine for my 5th grader. Not interested in thoughts of people who haven't used it or think it isn't enough, only looking for those who have actually used it as a primary curriculum--I've read a lot of those threads already. 😀
  4. My 5th grader has been doing Math U See pretty much from the beginning. We experimented a bit with Teaching Textbooks and it wasn't a good fit, and neither was Math Mammoth, though I think that one could *possibly* work... I think that he gets bogged down with the mastery (very repetitive) approach of MUS. I have had him do Khan Academy regularly for the past 6 months and he quite likes it. He is the sort of kid who likes to be his own authority and prefers not to be taught by people because to learn from someone you have to recognize that you don't already know something. Anyone have a kid li
  5. Drat! I guess since I had an account that expired last summer I am not eligible to try out the free subscription. :-/
  6. It has been a couple years since we had a subscription to DiscEd and I remember we could access the website on the iPad but it felt cumbersome. I am wondering if it has been improved at all or if there is an app or something I don't know about. I see that there is a DiscEd Techbook app, but I don't think that has anything to do with the Streaming Plus does it? Thanks!
  7. We have been doing SOTW 1 this year (second time for my oldest two, though #2 was just little when we started) and I've had my 7th grader read quite a bit from the Oxford Press World in Ancient Times series to expand her history. Honestly, a rigorous history curriculum is not a HUGE priority for me. I think it is best to have it be enjoyable and learned as a story of humanity to learn lessons from and understand our current world. So I don't do anything in the way of testing or require much writing about it. I like to pull in other resources as I find them (Crash Course videos and the like). I
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I am using EiW with my 4th grader and it's going okay for him. I may have to look at the samples for the upper grades. From what I've seen, it doesn't look like a great fit for my daughter, but I could be wrong. I keep coming back to IEW...maybe it's the one to try. Anyone have anything else to recommend?
  9. Librivox is a great idea! I'm so glad you two mentioned it! I am excited to hear such positive reviews. It sounds like a really nice program and I think my guy will like it.
  10. Thank you both for the math feedback. Very good info and helpful. His particular child is my toughest one to work with, so perhaps I am somehow hoping there is a silver bullet when there really can't be. I hadn't seen the placement test, though, so I'm glad to know that's available if we decide to make the switch. As I think about it today, I realize that one very good thing about MUS for him is having the blocks as a resource. He is a builder but also someone who gets "stuck" mentally/emotionally and then shuts down, and I have seen the blocks get him unstuck on a number of occasions. Lo
  11. I'd be using it with an 8th grader. I know they have the whole teacher DVD course and I saw there is also kind of a quickstart DVD for teachers. Just wondering if it is something I could figure out in a few days over the summer before fall or what is involved. Also, I am thinking my daughter would probably start with Student Writing Intensive B? Is that recommended before doing any of the themed ones or does it matter? I have looked through the website a couple of times and read through a lot of old threads here, but still don't quite have a great feel for it. Thank you!
  12. I am considering switching my 4th grader from MUS to CLE Math. He is in Chapter 19 out of 30 in MUS Delta. He has struggled mastering division, but it seems to be clicking. I am contemplating switching him now, which of course seems almost silly for timing, but as it is I figure we will be continuing math through the summer, so maybe it makes sense? Or maybe it is best to finish Delta and make the change for 5th grade? Presently for his Language Arts we are doing Essentials in Writing Level 3 and working through Logic of English Essentials. I've not really heard much about CLE LA, but it l
  13. I saw someone mentioned using them both, alternating days. Anyone else? I'm strongly considering them for my rising 1st grader next fall and would like to have an idea of the amount of time required per day. Also, I know I could probably figure this out by looking through the samples/TOCs more, but are the two combined a pretty solid LA lineup? Do you feel the need to add anything else? Also, please share which levels you have used. Thank you!
  14. I am interested in all types -- online classes with an instructor, DVDs, etc. If you have personal experience with any, please share. Also indicate whether it is secular, as I can only get reimbursed for secular programs. I would consider a non-secular one if the religious content was not too strong. Thank you!
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