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  1. 1) The Great Invite Mystery is still being worked on. Because it does not affect all social groups and is difficult to replicate when moderators log into the groups, it is hard to solve. 2) Social groups are not being moderated. One social group discussion suddenly showed up in a public search, and several posts on it was reported. A moderator deleted the posts before realizing that they were actually in a social group, not in a public thread. The permissions were immediately reset. That appears to have been a one-time occurrence related to a board software upgrade and should not happen again. We apologize for the misunderstanding and would appreciate your patience as we work on the remaining issues. Moderator
  2. Are you all aware that not a single person PM'd the moderator about this? And are you all also aware that, given the volume on this forum, the moderators cannot read every single thread? Now that the problem is resolved, please go back to discussing education. Moderator
  3. Always PM a moderator. Social Groups problems have been worked on consistently for the last weeks, and updates have been posted. Thank you. Moderator
  4. The "likes" should be back shortly. Believe it or not, the boards run with a skeleton crew. It often takes us some time to address issues. Incidentally, we have received no PMs from any member about the problem. Please be patient and go talk about other things. Thank you. Moderator
  5. Audrey, I have forwarded this to the tech team...that is a very weird glitch and certainly nothing that should have happened! We'll try to figure the problem out ASAP. Moderator
  6. Please do not resurrect locked threads. Thank you. Moderator
  7. This thread is closing because 1) Many of you cannot maintain civility, and 2) The rest of you are busy reporting #1. Moderator
  8. I believe that you reported a spam post and then posted "reported," and that I removed your reported notification when I banned the spammer. Just to keep the clutter down. Moderator
  9. Why the sniping? Behave. Or else. Moderator
  10. Ramp down the language and the personal remarks, please. Otherwise the thread will close. Moderator
  11. Folks, Sorry about the advice that many of you offered, but the personal information in the deleted thread was potentially very dangerous to the OP. Moderator
  12. Ruth, I have passed your request on to OtherJohn. We'll let you know soon! Moderator
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