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    The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space (Scholastic) Large paperback in very good condition. $3.50 + shipping. Shipping will be combined on multiple items and pictures are available upon request.



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    Usborne Time Traveler (combined volume), like new. Includes all time periods of history in one volume, ancient through modern. Hardcover, $15 PPD (includes shipping), shipping will be combined on multiple items. Pictures available upon request.


  3. Nevermind; I think I figured it out. Is there a way to delete our own old ads or sold items? I managed to post about 4 classified ads, but now when I submit a for sale ad, it tells me at least 1 forum post is required before I may post a classified ad. I've been on the forums since before it moved here (the old ones), and have plenty of posts; is there a way to get the system to allow me to post there? Thanks!
  4. My printer is a dud (HP4620). It is the source of much frustration and I am done with it, however, I am not ready try a laser printer. I need an all-in-one inkjet printer/copier/fax/scanner that prints and copies FAST, single or double-sided, allows me to adjust quality level and color or B & W easily, includes a zoom in/out feature, with a working wireless connection, that works well with paper or cardstock,... am I forgetting anything? My kids also need their own laptop to work on. I don't want to spend too much, but I want it to last more than just a couple years. They'll need s
  5. It depends on the location. Media mail from the non-contiguous states can take 3-5 weeks, with longer lags between location updates, but it's just as reliable.
  6. My son has worked hard and covered a lot of ground this summer, determined to make it happen. In addition to continuing math at home, he went to a tutor for some intense catch-up. The tutor had to go back to work full-time, so today I gave my son a Saxon placement test on which he tested into Algebra 1. There are some gaps, but I think we can manage. Now I just have to decide between Saxon and Jacob's. I have some local hs friends urging me to use Saxon (3rd ed. sequence) so that Geometry would be integrated over the years in order to move forward quicker. There are many positive onli
  7. Are you able to open that page? I get a "Problem loading page" message which reads: Server not found Firefox can't find the server at www.redshift.com. Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of www.example.com If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. I turned off AdBlocker just for that site, but it still won't load. :/ I wonder if it's a problem specific to my system. I couldn't
  8. I'd like to correlate a 4-yr. WTM Great Books study with Christian Bible study, doctrine, and theology. Before I unwittingly reinvent the wheel, has this already been done? I'd love to make a plan that completely follows TWTM, utilizes SWB's HotAW or Western Civilization (Spielvogel) as the main history thread, but adds something to link Biblical history to it and Bible study (with lessons, commentary, not just a reading list of chapters/verses) as well, such as any of the following: Just the Bible section of MFW AHL (covers O.T. only, but same type of plan could be created for N.T.), Tr
  9. [i just posted an update below with some good news & a new question. He's got his confidence as a student back! Yeah! :) ] I have one dc that is, by age/grade level, going into 9th gr. next year, who is finishing a combo of Abeka/Horizons 6 math right now. That he is behind is only due to not having been exposed to the material - no LDs or other issues involved (he's doing 2+ lessons/day, understands quickly - a forray into a PS where he learned nothing new in math & other life circumstances have caused this situation). How would you proceed? We are working on math through this
  10. She did? Was this in TWTM or somewhere else? Do you know where I can read/hear SWB's advice on this? This would be such great news as I've got a dc finishing up FLL4 as well. She's older, but we had to backtrack due to lack of grammar in school before homeschooling, so it would be a big confidence booster to be able to skip a level.
  11. When planning what to use for my high schooler, how can I know what will be approved? Is there still no way to know? I ask because in reading through this thread, I see that certain courses/vendors are or are not pre-approved. Where and how do I find out if what I want to use for high school will be approved? When I asked a similar question last year, the answer was that there is no solid way to know. Has anything changed since? Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this process.
  12. For years, I've wanted to get some yoga ball chairs for use during school time. I tried regular yoga balls, but they roll out from under the kids and one rolled right into the front of the wood stove, where it met its end. I want some that are on some kind of fixed (or wheeled) base, as pictured in my amazon link below. I don't want to spend the money just to discover what I ordered is poor quality, will pop or deflate easily, fall apart, etc. Can anyone recommend a good one to buy (or any to stay away from)? If you don't want to click the link but want to see what I mean, just enter "
  13. If they've never read Tolkien before, let them experience the wonder & enjoyment during their first read. I asked this very question some time ago, and, after pondering Lori D.'s advice, I decided that turning it into a formal lit. study would be akin to making them stop to take extensive notes on a first trip to Disney. Since your kids are older than mine when we began, tying some parts to literature study seems like it might be OK. If they become fascinated about anything particular, I'd put any planned lessons on hold in order to let the child follow that path. You can always pick
  14. I have some more questions on this topic so I'm posting it in this thread to keep the information together. First, thank you Sue, for so generously sharing advice, help, and more. I've called NCAA a couple times now, trying to get a feel for how to plan for high school. They do not seem to have any sort of "approved" or "disapproved" list of curriculum, resources, materials, or vendors at all, except that they won't approve Rosetta Stone and they won't approve a religious studies course focused on a single religion. Their examples of religious course that would be approved were World
  15. I just realized how old this post is; sorry about that. It came up in one of my searches. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Your reply makes me wonder 2 things: 1) It's often said Dolciani is best used by parents with a firm grasp on algebra. Would the D.O. class be a good substitute in a case where the parent is learning alongside the student? 2) Do they use something different for Alg. II?
  16. Yay! That's good news for me as well! As for "early" and "on the ball"... I wish I could internalize that; it feels so urgent! I will have to be operating under these guidelines in August of next year, so I only have until then to learn how, apply that knowledge to my curriculum choices, get everything ordered (preferably by May-June at the latest), planned, and prepared.
  17. Thank you for the reassurance & offer, Sue. That is very generous! I'll PM you my email shortly. My oldest son plays football. He likes both (ETA: football and baseball) but currently wants to play football next summer for high school and then continue on into college. My youngest (only 2 yrs. younger, 7th gr. next year) plays baseball. Hopefully I'll learn enough the first time through that it won't be so hard again later. I'm really hoping the new changes for 2016 & later don't disqualify the non-mainstream type materials you listed, because those are the types of things I'm i
  18. My sons have always dreamed of playing sports in college, so I want to leave that door open for them with NCAA eligibility. I'm currently trying to plan for my older son who will be in 9th grade next year. I want to get busy preparing & planning for next year but I don't know where to find a list of approved or unapproved curriculum. I've searched & read a few threads here and some of the NCAA Eligibility site. When I look at the Homeschool section under Resources on the NCAA eligibility website, then click on what I think will give me a list of approved courses, it wants me to en
  19. Thanks, this is exactly the information I was looking for. I wondered about emphasis on calculator formula memorization because my dd experienced this in a b&m high school Alg. 2 class. She didn't know how to do the math without the calculator, so if she forgot any part of the calculator formula, she got problems wrong. I'm looking for nearly the opposite of that.
  20. What are the differences between Foerster's and Lial's for Pre-Algebra, Alg. 1, Alg.2, etc.? I notice Foerster's is by Prentice Hall and Lial's is by Pearson. I'm interested in knowing if either has a very heavy emphasis on memorizing calculator formulas (esp. to the point of crowding out real understanding), if one is more user-friendly (in an open-and-go format for the parent/teacher), if one requires more parental math knowledge than the other, and any other differences you may know. Thanks!
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